Watch Jason Kelce Lift a Young Fan to Meet Taylor Swift During the Chiefs vs Bills Game

Watch Jason Kelce Lift a Young Fan to Meet Taylor Swift During the Chiefs vs Bills Game

ICYMI, Taylor Swift and the entire Kelce family got together for a truly iconic evening of watching the Chiefs battle it out against the Bills in Buffalo, New York last night (January 21)—and because we know you're wondering, yes, the Chiefs totally won! Everything from Tay and Brittany Mahomes'joyful cheering to Cara Delevigne making a delightful appearance at the game gave viewers everywhere tons of ~content~ to reel over.

But truly nothing could compare to Jason Kelce fully taking his shirt off, which high-key made him last night's MVP in our book. And to top it all off, not only did the Philadelphia Eagles center keep us thoroughly amused with his shirtless antics, but he also melted everyone's hearts when he took a moment to help a young girl meet Taylor.

But first! A moment for this moment:

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Kathryn Riley - Getty Images

In a clip shared to X, Jason, who is decked out in only a Chiefs beanie and grey sweatpants, can be seen jumping down from the suite he's in and walking over to a young girl he ends up carrying for a selfie. After placing her back on the ground, the footballer then picks up yet another young fan—this one, however, is seen holding a Taylor sign.

"We’re going to show this to Taylor real quick," Jason tells the girl as he picks her up and turns her towards the suite so the singer can take a peek. The crowd then witnesses the sweet gesture and erupts in applause, and for a moment everything seems right in the world.

And if that's not enough, after the girl shows off her sign, Jason turns back around so her parents can capture a pic of the moment. The clip has been making its rounds online (as it should!), and people have been gushing over the athlete's character.

"The world needs more of Jason Kelce in it right now," commented one user on TikTok, while another said, "Jason Kelce is a dad first. Football player second. Made that little lady’s day." And on X, yet another person noted that Jason seemed to be the "Ultimate girl dad."

P.S. Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce share three daughters: Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, who is about to turn one year old in February. And because the Eagles star and his family are the gifts that keep on giving, we were also treated to this gem after Jason's children saw him take his shirt off during the game:


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