Watch Kristen Wiig return to her “Saturday Night Live” dressing room — which has been turned into man cave

Wiig is set to join the Five-Timers club on April 6, when she hosts 'SNL' with musical guest Raye.

Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig is thrilled to celebrate her return to the show — even though the new cast members can’t seem to remember her name.

A new promo for the April 6 episode, which will mark Wiig's fifth time hosting the show, sees the comedian twirling and glowing as she walks the halls of Studio 8H, reminiscing about her time as a cast member. But like an adult revisiting their childhood home, she soon learns that not everything is as she remembers.

“I’m finally home,” Wiig says via indeed monologue, smiling at the familiar sights. “And the best part of being home? Returning to your childhood bedroom. Or, in my case, dressing room.”

<p>NBC</p> Kristen Wiig in 'SNL' promo


Kristen Wiig in 'SNL' promo

Dramatically skipping towards her old room, she continues, “Lorne promised they’d always leave it just the way I left it. Oh, I can’t wait to see all my old wigs, my favorite costumes, my good luck t—”

But when Wiig throws open the door, there is no memory lane to walk down or even a respectful shrine to her SNL tenure. Instead, the dressing room has gone full man cave: there are swords on the wall, a guitar in the corner, her personal items are shoved into a box, and SNL cast members Michael Longfellow and Devon Walker are bickering over video games on a grimy couch.

“Oh hey Kristine,” Longfellow greets. “Lorne said we could have your old room.”

Though she pretends that all is well, Wiig’s inner-monologue hints that she’ll be making some changes: “It’s gonna be a long week,” she thinks. “Mama’s back you little f---ers.”

As she departs with her box of memories, the SNL newbies cheer on “Kristine” for taking out the trash.

Don’t be fooled by the newbies’ inability to remember her name: Wiig never strays too far from Studio 8H. The actress and comedian, who served as an SNL cast member from 2005 to 2012, last hosted the show in December 2020, but often pops in for cameo appearances. During last year’s Dec. 16 episode, she joined host Kate McKinnon and fellow alum Maya Rudolph in a musical sketch about a tampon-growing farm. Yes, really.

After hosting this week’s show with musical guest Raye, McKinnon will officially be a member of the coveted Five-Timers Club, joining the ranks of Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Martin, John Mulaney, and recent inductee, Emma Stone.

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