Watch: Elton John’s first auction in 21 years expected to fetch more than $10m

Watch as Sir Elton John’s items are put up for auction in New York City on Friday, 9 February, where they are expected to fetch more than $10m.

Nine hundred items belonging to the music legend will hit the auction block at Christie’s.

Offerings from the superstar’s former Atlanta home range from high-end photography and art to stage costumes and tableware.

The Christie’s auction, named “Goodbye Peachtree Road,” will be comprised of eight sales in total, both live and online.

Atlanta played a significant part in Sir Elton’s life role in John’s life, as he would return to the city when touring the US.

He bought a condominium in Park Place on Peachtree road in 1992 after finding solace in the city’s communities, such as the Triangle Club, which played a critical role for him as he got sober.

The musician sold the 13,332-square-foot two-story residence for $7.2m last year.