This is why you should wear socks to bed

From a better sex life to treating dry feet — wearing socks to bed might help a number of issues — but there’s one major thing that everyone can benefit from.  (Photo: Getty)

As it turns out, a good night’s sleep might start with wearing socks to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, warm feet might help lull you to sleep.

When you heat up cold feet, it causes the blood vessels to widen, which decreases blood pressure — the process is called vasodilation. With blood vessels opening up in your hands and feet, it sends a signal to the brain to redistribute heat throughout your body to prepare you for sleep. Research shows that going to bed with socks might help you fall asleep 15 minutes faster than normal.

Still not convinced? In addition to sleep, wearing socks to bed can help treat hot flashes by lowering the core body temperature. If you’ve got dry, rough feet, try slathering moisturizer (or even Vicks VapoRub) on your feet, and then cover them with socks before you sleep. You’ll not only wake up with softer feet, but over time the skin texture will improve.

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Research shows that wearing socks to bed might improve your sex life (Photo: Getty)

And if your partner isn’t keen on you wearing a thick pair of socks to bed — let them know that it might improve your sex life.

A University of Groningen study found that 80 per cent of couples who wore socks to bed were able to reach orgasm compared to just 50 per cent who could experience an orgasm without wearing socks to bed.

Oh, and they may not necessarily have to match — Just make sure the socks are clean.

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