Wedding ceremony goes viral after it’s hilariously interrupted by cow’s mooing

A wedding ceremony has gone viral after it was interrupted by a cow’s loud mooing.

In a video posted to Instagram last month, a wedding videographer – who goes by the name Something Borrowed Films – shared the footage of the bride and groom at their outdoor ceremony. As the couple, Amy and Harry, were standing hand-in-hand in a field in England, surrounded by friends and family, a cow was also in the background, standing behind a fence.

The officiant was in the midst of performing the ceremony, saying: “In order to proceed, I must now ask.” However, the rest of her question was cut short when the cow started mooing, prompting laughter from the bride, groom, and crowd of guests.

After Amy and Harry laughed off the cow’s sound, the officiant chimed in again to continue the ceremony. “If any person who’s present knows of any lawful impact,” the officiant said. However, the cow once again started mooing.

The bride and groom didn’t let the second interruption get to them, as they proceeded to laugh about the cow’s sound with their wedding guests. The video ended with the officiant continuing the ceremony amid the laughter.

The videographer also quipped about the animal’s noises during the ceremony, as the text over the video reads: “When the local cow decides to have their say at your wedding…”

While he poked fun at the cow’s interruption in the caption, the videographer also noted that Amy and Harry still had a great wedding.

“This cow definitely has a sense of comedic timing,” he wrote. “Despite the cows’ objections, these two did in fact get happily married, and have a lovely wedding video from their special day.”

The video has quickly gone viral, with more than 860,000 likes, as of 7 March. In the comments, people have expressed their amusing reactions to the cow’s interruption, and the comedic timing in which the animal spoke up.

“The cow literally spoke at the point the officiant was asking ‘does any person here object?’ When they were done laughing the cow spoke a second time as the officiant asked who may object,” one joked. “That was a sign and they ignored it.”

“The cow went ‘did I stutter???’” another added.

‘You need to hear me out, they said ‘speak cow,’” a third joked, referring to the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s song, Speak Now, which is about a woman speaking up at the wedding for someone she still loves.

The videographer later shared a follow-up clip of a professional video of Amy and Harry’s wedding day. In the caption, he addressed that while video of the cow went viral, his work consists of different types of footage.

“So I’m sure you’ve all seen the interrupting cow video by this point. Here’s something from the same day but a little more on brand with what I do,” he wrote.

He emphasised that the cow’s interruption didn’t ruin the couple’s big day. “A rather noisy bovine only added how amazing this day was, and as you can see, Amy and Harry’s day was amazing from start to finish,” the videographer wrote.