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Michelle Williams gets her glow from this $23 anti-aging Weleda face serum

It's no secret that celebrities put a lot of prep into getting ready for awards' season. They eat well, squeeze in special exercise sessions and have an entire glam squad that gets them ready for the red carpet. It's easy to assume the products they use are out of reach — but that's not always the case. Makeup artist James Kaliardos recently let it slip that he uses a relatively inexpensive face serum on Emmy Award-winning actress Michelle Williams. It's called the Weleda Awakening Face Serum and its $23 price tag on Amazon puts it within reach of non-celebs.

This serum is crafted from pomegranate juice extracts and other plant-based ingredients to moisturize and glow-up your skin.
$32 at Amazon

How does it work? The Weleda Awakening Face Serum features pomegranate juice extract (a known skin protectant and revitalizer), along with plant-based ingredients to perk up your skin and reduce signs of aging. It delivers moisture, creating a more lifted and rejuvenated appearance. Basically, it's a great tool to have in your arsenal for when you're feeling tired or just want a skin pick-me-up.

This serum is free of synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals — it's full of flower, fruit and root extracts, minerals and essential oils, so you don't have to stress about putting potentially harmful gunk on your skin.

It's simple to use: Just massage two pumps of the serum onto your skin after you wash your face. That's it!

Michelle uses the Weleda Awakening Face Serum to get red carpet-ready. (Photo:  Arturo Holmes/Getty Images )
Michelle uses the Weleda Awakening Face Serum to get red carpet-ready. (Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images )

Williams isn't the only person who enjoys the perks of this must-have face serum. The reviews at Amazon are packed with testimonials from people who swear Weleda's Awakening Serum helped restore their glow and moisturize their skin.

Shared one five-star fan: "I use this on my face when I first wake up. It’s very nourishing. As I tend to have dry skin, I love it."

A reviewer in her 50s wrote," Hydrating and rich with no questionable ingredients...While not officially 'dry', my skin craves serious moisture, especially in the winter months, and this...fits the bill beautifully."

And then there's this glowing testimonial to consider: "After a few squirts of this thing on my face, it helps calm my red pimples. It also helps my face not be so oily. I like the consistency of this product with it being not too heavy or oily. It soaks into my skin fairly quickly...It is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Overall this product is good for tightening and freshening up your skin!"

Yup, you can get a red-carpet-worthy glow from Amazon without having the budget of a celebrity!

Get a red carpet glow with this easy-to-use serum. Just pat it on and enjoy!
$32 at Amazon

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