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We're floored: This popular self-cleaning flat mop is just $32 (nearly 50% off)

'My back loves it': The bucket's built-in wringer squeezes the excess water out for you — no straining or bending required.

Mopping is one of those household chores you do because it has to get done (unless you like living with dirty floors ... nah). It's a task that often gets relegated to the bottom of the list because it's such a pain — literally and figuratively. It puts strain on your back, and all of that to-and-fro-ing gives your arms an unwanted workout. But this innovative tool might spark some excitement the next time you need to clean. The Joymoop Mop and Bucket Set not only has a fantabulous name, it's also specially designed to make cleaning physically easier and, dare we say, fun? Also fun: It's on sale for just $32 at Amazon.

P.S. One Yahoo Life editor gave it a test-drive and said it actually made her "excited to clean" — check out her full Joymoop Mop and Bucket Set review for more.

Any cleaning product with the word joy in the name is enough to make our ears perk up.

Save $29 with Prime
$32 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

Not too many people enjoy mopping, and for the ones who don't, something that can get the floors shining like the top of the Chrysler Building without breaking their backs (or the bank) is priceless. This is about as low as the price goes — at nearly 50% off for Prime members, it might be the best deal you'll see all year. (Non-members can snag it for $40.)

Why do I need this? 🤔

What makes the Joymoop Mop and Bucket Set so appealing? Unlike traditional mops, this one has a flat design, which makes it easier to glide around your floors and get into small, tight spaces. The flat surface allows the mop's microfiber pad to pick up more dirt in one pass. Speaking of the pads, the set comes with three cloths that you attach to the mop head — and they're easy to clean. All you have to do is toss them in the washing machine, and voilà!

As Amazon shoppers have testified (see below), it's super easy to maneuver. It swivels 360 degrees and can be wielded at up to a 30-degree angle, so you can reach any area without hurting your back. Some reviewers have used it as a duster and wall cleaner, thanks to the extendable handle, which helps to reach high places.

Now on to the self-cleaning bucket. It has a sleek, stand-up shape that holds plenty of water so you won't have to keep refilling. The ingenious design features two compartments: one holds the water, with a scraper blade to clean the mop head; the other has a scraper blade to squeeze out dirty water — no wringing required. Look Ma, no hands!

The white mop and bucker set with three cloth mop heads on a blue background
Squeezing out a sponge head is sooo 20th century. As for wringing out one of those cotton-headed mops — what is this, Little House on the Prairie? Put nasty splashes, waterlogged hands and weekly backaches in the rearview with one of these. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

This mop can help you get your floors sparkling, according to over 17,000 rave reviewers.

Pros 👍

"Mops up the competition!" shared a clever five-star reviewer. "I really never expected to be excited about a mop, but here we are. This thing is great! It's going to revolutionize housekeeping. Old-style mops don't get clean enough to get all the grime wiped away; then when you mop again, bacteria grow in tile grout. Unless you can put a mop head in the washing machine, but they disintegrate shortly. This mop will wash easily and is even easier to use."

"Wow, this thing works perfectly!" gushed another. "I live in a rural area with gravel roads, and my home gets dusty quickly. I have LVT floors. This is the best thing I have purchased in a long time! Love, love, love it! My back loves it too! And it maneuvers around so easily to get in between, around and under things."

"This is my new favorite mop!" exclaimed a third cleaning enthusiast. "Not only do you not have to bend over and ring it, it’s super easy to use. I have back issues and this helps tremendously. And you can go right up the wall!"

Another, um, devoted fan wrote, "I love this mop. I mop often, at least two times a weekday ... if you have pets, it’s a must-have. I also use it to wipe down walls when dogs and kids leave marks."

Cons 👎

"The only con is the bucket really needs to be completely full of water for it to coat the entire mop," noted a generally pleased shopper. "But the mop itself is very sturdy (way better than my Swiffer) and it does a great job of wringing out the water."

"I do wish it had wheels, but that was my only 'negative' thought," wrote a final reviewer. "It's fantastic other than that!" They added, "I hate mopping, but this product ... almost made mopping fun. ... Very easy to use, clean after and carry around while mopping."

Gotta admit: For a mop set, this is actually pretty sleek-looking!

Save $29 with Prime
$32 at Amazon

Another Yahoo Life editor-approved cleaning product that'll reduce strain? This nifty gadget:

There's no need to spend an hour on your knees furiously scrubbing away at your shower when you have one of these electric doodads on hand. This one has thousands of great reviews and two adjustable speeds to cut through bathtub grime, soap scum and grout stains with little to no elbow grease on your part. Its retractable handle allows you to clean without crouching over, and it comes with four different brushes for tackling a variety of spaces in your home. 

Check out our full Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber review for more. 

Save $40 with coupon
$30 at Amazon

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