We're so here for Katy Perry's skinny beehive hairdo

katy perry poses in a cream suit with her long hair down against a blue and yellow fade background
Katy Perry's skinny beehive hairdo is 🔥 Art Streiber - Getty Images

Over the years, we've been able to count on Katy Perry for vintage hairstyles; with her long-running nods to pinup beauty with her trademark black hair. She's been serving up plenty of movie star curls, chunky fringes, and of course, bouffants and beehives. But her latest beehive is a little different, switching up the style.

Posting the look to her Instagram grid, Katy's hair is in a half-up half-down style beehive, with her long dark tresses flowing. The front is sharply parted in the centre for a couple of inches, sweeping down on either side from the part, while the rest heads straight back to form the bouffant part of the beehive. But what makes it stand out is just how narrow it is. Or should we say, what makes it stand up.

Created by LA hair stylist Rick Henry, the parted front supports this slim tower of hair as it sweeps down and round the sides of the 'do holding it up, and creating this theatrical height of hair that only begins above the ears. We're not sure we've ever seen a style like it before, but we're into it.

The theatrical vintage vibe of the hair was perfect with her sparkling feather-covered pink gown. Which was completed with a shimmering pink full-glam look by MUA Marc Anthony, and a sweet French manicure from one of our faves, Kim Truong. All this pink and sparkle is straight out of our childhood fantasies, yet it looks anything but childish and the statement hair helps give it that stylish spin.

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