We've Never Seen Kendall Jenner With Such Short Hair

kendall jenner on the red carpet in a gold dress with her hair up
We've Never Seen Kendall With Hair This ShortRobert Smith - Getty Images

Kendall Jenner just took her turn wearing super-cropped short hair and it wasn't even in homage to mom Kris Jenner. The model just popped up on our Instagram feed, not on her own profile, but on Mrs. Victoria Beckham herself, with Kendall modeling for VB's SS24 fashion line. As gorgeous as this sublime tailoring is, it's the hair we are obsessing over.

The combination of the fact we've never seen Kendall with hair this short, and it not being on her own IG or mentioned as her, means for a second we didn't even clock her. Then there was debate as to whether it was her or a look alike. But I know my Kardashians and could spot the real Kenny anywhere.

The slicked side-parted short hair is delightfully androgynous, smooth and sleek but with a touch of volume as it combs over the head. While there's a high chance it's an illusion and tied in a bun at the back, it's very much giving us an image of what Kendall would look like with this 1950s schoolboy haircut and we're not mad at it.

It was paired with those outlandish chunky frames, which couldn't help but remind us of Dexter's laboratory...but make it high-fashion of course. It's geek chic darling!

We've been seeing more and more pixie haircuts and uber-short bobs popping up, so who knows, maybe this will tempt Kendall down that path for real.

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