What's The Absolute Best Way To Cook Farro?

Farro with wooden spoon
Farro with wooden spoon - Anna Fedorova_it/Shutterstock

Farro is a delicious whole grain that can be added to a number of dishes to help fill you up and provide plenty of nutrients. On its own, such as in a farro salad, it can be served warm or cold, but it also makes a great add-on to fill a burger patty or in a hearty soup. You can even use it in place of rice or pasta. Farro has plenty of vitamin B3 and fiber. Like with any whole grain, you have to make sure it's cooked properly or it can be unpleasant to eat.

Fortunately, you don't need much to cook farro. You just need water for a basic recipe. Adding other elements such as herbs or even cooking it in broth or stock can help infuse it with more flavor. Boiling it is the best cooking method but pay close attention to the time and the type of farro you're cooking because cooking times vary.

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How To Properly Boil Farro

Farro in white bowl
Farro in white bowl - Ange P/Shutterstock

The boiling process is simple. Since farro is a whole grain, it cooks similarly to rice or pasta. Just add the farro to boiling water, give it a good stir, then let the water work its magic. Keep the heat low to let the farro simmer, then leave it alone until it's done. If you're cooking pearled farro, which is the most common type of farro cooked in the US, it should be done within about 20 minutes. Other types will take longer. Semi-pearled farro takes up to 30 minutes to cook while whole farro takes the longest at about 40 minutes.

Like most whole grains, farro is ready when it's tender. If you're cooking pearled farro, taste-test it after about 15 minutes to see if it has reached your desired tenderness. If not, let it cook a few minutes more. The same goes for the other farro types. Once the farro is done, strain it using a mesh strainer because a colander's holes are too wide.

How To Add More Flavor To Your Farro

Farro salad in a bowl
Farro salad in a bowl - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Farro is easy enough to cook on its own but you can take small steps to give it big flavor. Adding some basic seasoning, such as kosher or sea salt, will enhance your farro. Since salt is common when cooking any kind of grain, you can add additional herbs. Rosemary, thyme, or bay leaves are all great things to add to the farro as it cooks. Adding butter or lemon juice once the farro is ready will also give it a deeper flavor profile.

Once the farro is done, make sure you fluff it. As for what to use your farro with, farro salad is a great option. Toss with vegetables and herbs like onions and mint, then add a protein and cheese, such as salmon and feta, for a filling farro salad that can be served warm or cold. Toss your salad with a lemon juice vinaigrette to finish and then serve.

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