What's The Best Method For Melting Almond Bark?

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When it comes to holiday baking, or just desserts in general, you can't go wrong with almond bark. While it's not technically chocolate — it's made with vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter — it does come in handy when baking or as a dip for fruit. The candy comes prepackaged and manufactured for easy melting. However, the actual melting process isn't as simple as it appears. Although there are several ways of melting almond bark, one method stands above the rest.

The best way of melting almond bark is to cook it on the stovetop employing a double boiler method. For those who don't know, a double boiler involves placing a smaller pot inside of a larger pot. The larger pot will be filled with water, acting as a barrier between the heat of the stove and the smaller pot, in which you will place the almond bark. This method is convenient and easy to do with almost any stove-top burner. It allows you to control how quickly the almond bark melts and allows you to stir the almond bark until it reaches a desired consistency. Of course, you can always thin it if it's too thick using oil. While there are other methods of melting almond bark, this method is the best for several reasons.

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Other Ways Have Drawbacks

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Almond bark isn't particularly fussy and can be melted with almost any heating source. You may be tempted to just throw the candy in a microwave-safe bowl and toss it into the microwave. However, you don't have the same degree of control as with using a double boiler since the candy will be inside of the microwave. You'll have to keep taking the bowl out and checking the candy in intervals of every few seconds, making it take longer. With a double boiler, you can heat the pans before adding the almond bark so it instantly melts.

Additionally, you can always toss the candy in the oven on low heat. However, the same problem persists as above in that you don't have the same level of control. It's very easy to accidentally burn your almond bark instead of melting it. Additionally, you'll have to keep taking the baking pan out of the oven to stir the melted candy. Since your almond bark isn't in a bowl, you also run the risk of accidentally making a mess trying to transport the melted almond bark into a bowl or more presentable container.

Remember These Tricks And Tips

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The reason you should use the double boiler to melt your almond bark is because it avoids direct heat as mentioned above. By placing almond bark in direct heat, as you would in the oven or in a microwave, you risk burning it instead of melting it. That being said, the double boiler method isn't without its risks, so be sure to be vigilant to avoid any potential blunders in the kitchen.

Like with melting chocolate, you should stir the almond bark as it melts to avoid burning it. By doing so, you prevent the candy from potentially sticking to the pan and burning. Before melting the almond bark, it may also be wise to break it up into smaller chunks using a kitchen knife. This allows a more even distribution of heat and lets the almond bark melt faster. Alternatively, you could try placing the almond bark in a zip-top bag and then smashing it into smaller pieces. From there you can feel comfortable adding the almond bark to the smaller pan after the water in the larger pan reaches a boil. Once your almond bark melts, be careful not to accidentally burn yourself.

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