What's the biggest discipline mistake you've ever made?

Facebook/Erika Burch
Facebook/Erika Burch

By now you’ve probably seen the viral photos of a dad pushing a shopping cart in Walmart, pulling along his daughter by the hair.

In the original Facebook post, which has now been shared more than 200,000 times, fellow shopper Erika Burch said that she confronted the man after seeing him dragging his daughter along.

““She [was] begging him to stop! She was saying ‘please stop, I promise I won’t do it again please stop!’” Burch wrote.

After being told to mind her own business, she called the police. When an officer arrived on the scene, he reportedly told her that the man had “the right to discipline his children!”

The story has no doubt ignited debate around what constitutes “discipline.” While many said the behaviour was completely uncalled for, other commenters agreed the dad had the right to discipline his daughter how he sees fit.

Disciplining children can be difficult — and it can often be a challenge to walk the line between asserting authority and taking it too far.

So, we want to know: Have you ever made a mistake when it comes to disciplining your child? Or is there anything you regret?

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