Where to Donate to Support Black Trans Lives

Photo credit: Michael Noble Jr. - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Noble Jr. - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

As more and more people take to the streets demanding justice for Black lives lost to police violence, the protests are also beginning to shed light on an "epidemic" of violence waged against Black transgender people.

Last week, two Black transgender women, Riah Milton and Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells, were killed within a 24-hour period. Their untimely deaths follow the high-profile police killing of Tony McDade, a Black transgender man who was shot by police, and Nina Pop, a Black transgender woman who was stabbed to death.

As the Trump administration attempts to revoke health care protections for transgender people in the United States, the transgender and gender nonconforming community faces disproportionate and fatal violence at the hands of strangers, abusive partners, and police—a vulnerability heightened through transphobia-motivated brutality or vulnerability to unemployment, poverty, lack of housing, and more. Last year, the Human Rights Campaign found at least 26 deaths of transgender people, the majority of whom were Black women. This year, at least 14 transgender or gender nonconforming people have been killed.

People across the world are fighting back against transphobic cruelty. In Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday, 15,000 people donning white participated in a silent march for Black trans lives, a historic protest dubbed Brooklyn Liberation by organizers.

Beyond attending protests, if you are able to, there's still much more work to be done. Below, a sample of places you can put your money where your mouth is in order to support, protect, and uplift Black trans lives.


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