Why You Should Always Have Crispy Fried Onions In Your Pantry

ctispy onion on burger
ctispy onion on burger - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Having a well-stocked pantry is the secret to always having an elevated, delicious meal. While pantry staples like flour and pasta are important building blocks to dishes, your pantry can be a great place to store easy additions for your meals that pack flavor and texture. A perfect example of this is crispy fried onions. This versatile, crunchy dry ingredient works great in a multitude of dishes. Fried onions are light and have a great textural element to them; they won't distract from the dishes you add them to, instead, they bring in a hint of onion flavor that is slightly sweet as well. When stored properly, your crispy fried onions should last two to three months after opening, making them a great shelf-stable product. They are best stored in air-tight packaging or containers.

One of the easiest ways to use fried onions is to add a salty crunch to soups and salads. You can think of fried onions as a replacement for croutons in these dishes, but they are easier to chew and can be incorporated into the dishes so that you get some in every bite. Crispy onions can also be an excellent sandwich topping. Put them on top of your burgers for a balance of textures or add them to your next chicken salad sandwich for a hint of onion sweetness.

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Other Ways To Use Crispy Fried Onions

skillet with green bean casserole
skillet with green bean casserole - from my point of view/Shutterstock

One of the other popular uses of crispy fried onions is as a casserole topper. You can traditionally find these fried onions in things like green bean casserole or in some versions of cheesy funeral potatoes. An added bonus of using it in dishes like this is that the crispy onions get somewhat baked into the dish, infusing it with more flavor. Macaroni and cheese is a perfect canvas for crispy onions, you can elevate any baked macaroni and cheese recipe with the inclusion of these crispy onions.

Crispy onions can elevate your other side dishes as well, since fried onions add an addictive flavor to your sauteed veggies, while still keeping them healthy. You can even turn your crispy onions into a breading by crushing them up. These can be combined with other breadcrumbs or used on their own for a unique, flavorful outer coating on different meats and vegetables. You can add your onion coating to your choice of ingredient and bake for a delicious, crispy meal packed with flavor in every bite.

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