Why are we still body-shaming women with big boobs?

Ryan Gosling's sister Mandi has been on the end of boob-shaming [Photo: Getty]
Ryan Gosling’s sister Mandi has been on the end of boob-shaming [Photo: Getty]

There was more than one reason the Oscars broke the Internet this year. ICYMI the award for best picture was handed to ‘La La Land’ instead of the real winner, ‘Moonlight’ (you had one job Oscars!), and the world couldn’t get over it.

The other thing they couldn’t get over was the woman who accompanied man-of-the-moment Ryan Gosling as his date. Firstly, because it wasn’t the actor’s long-term partner Eva Mendez, then once it was established he hadn’t in fact ditched Eva, but chosen to take his older sister instead, focus quickly switched to Mandi Gosling’s cleavage.

For Mandi chose to wear a beautiful glittery low-cut gown to the A-list event, which showed off her rather impressive assets. And for some reason the world couldn’t handle it.

“For the love of @VictoriasSecret, who belongs to the pair of boobs sitting next to Ryan Gosling at the #Oscars ?!?” one viewer tweeted.

“Has anyone made a Twitter account for Ryan’s sisters’ boobs yet?” quipped another.

The newspaper headlines also wheeled out their best or should we say breast puns.

“Ryan Gosling Took His Sister’s Boobs To The Oscars” one UK based paper stated – fnar fnar.

“Ryan Gosling Took His Sister and Her Boobs To the Oscars And Everyone Lost Their S**t,” another publication sniggered.

But why did everyone lose their s**t? Why do we feel that it is acceptable to make a woman’s cleavage the butt of the joke? And why in 2017 are we still shaming women for the size of their boobs?

Effectively the tweets, headlines and whole fuss about Mandi’s boobs are reducing her to a single body part. In fact, she’s a highly successful producer, not that you’d be able to tell reading the articles about her “breast supporting role” – geddit?

Mani looked great in her low cut glittery gown, but her boobs practically broke the Internet [Photo: Getty]
Mani looked great in her low cut glittery gown, but her boobs practically broke the Internet [Photo: Getty]

It might sound like a laugh, but while people are still chuckling about their genius boob puns, women with larger breasts are battling body shaming on a daily basis. In the workplace, busty women are easy targets for harassment. Elsewhere, big breasts can make exercise and other day-to-day activities strenuous and embarrassing, not to mention provide perfect fodder for body shamers.

Case in point. Jenna Vecchio from Ottawa, Canada who was last year asked to leave her local gym because the top she was exercising in was deemed “inappropriate and offensive” as it didn’t completely conceal her large breasts.

But women with larger breasts shouldn’t feel the pressure to cover up. To avoid the world’s boob scrutiny should Mandi have rocked up to the red carpet in a breast-concealing polo neck and not the low cut sparkly number she absolutely rocked? Hell, no! Many women like to show off their breasts, no matter their size, and surely it’s theirs, and Mandi’s, right to do so?

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