Why Did Kelly Rowland Ditch Her ‘Today’ Show Co-Hosting Duties?

Rita Ora came in clutch after Kelly abruptly left.

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The Today show may just be on Kelly Rowland's blacklist after last week. According to The Cut, the Destiny's Child alumnae was scheduled to co-host the show on Feb. 15 alongside Hoda Kotb, but after she spoke about her new Netflix movie, Mea Culpa, with Savannah Guthrie, the singer was noticeably absent from her duties — and Rita Ora was there instead. The outlet notes that Rowland may have taken issue with Guthrie bringing up Beyoncé during her segment, but sources close to Rowland have a different reason for Rowland not staying to co-host the show's 10 o'clock hour.

“Kelly and her team were not happy,” a source told Page Six. “They did not like the dressing room, so they decided to pull her off the show, leaving [Kotb] without a guest host for the 10 a.m. hour.” Adding another name to the already celeb-heavy story, the source added that Rowland’s team asked for a different dressing room because they “didn’t like the one she was in.” However, the one they wanted was being used by Jennifer Lopez.

On Monday, after all of this went down, Rowland appeared to be in good spirits when she appeared on Sherri Shepherd's talk show, Sherri. 

“We needed you, and I thank you so much for your light,” Rowland told Shepherd during her time on the show.

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Cindy Ord/Getty Images

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After the incident, which saw Ora come in and co-host and discuss her new hair with Kotb (sources close to her team told People that everyone was “impressed” with Ora's hosting duties), the longtime Today star offered a chance for Kelly to return. She even gave a tongue-in-cheek nod to the supposed dressing-room drama.

“I just wanna say this, I have great love and admiration for Kelly Rowland. I adore her. And I want her to come back on our show, and I want her to host again,” Kotb said. “She can share my dressing room — we’ll be in it together!”

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