Why the Internet Is Going Nuts Over Gal Gadot's Husband's Shirt

We all know Gal Gadot is incredible. She's an actress with military training who was five months pregnant while she filmed the title role in the super successful film Wonder Woman. And no one knows this better than her husband of eight years, Yaron Varsano.

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The Israeli real estate developer posed with his wife wearing a shirt that showed off just how proud he is of his wonderful wife. The graphic tee says "YOUR WIFE" with a lavatory style sign of a woman next to "MY WIFE" with an illustration of Wonder Woman. Gadot points cheerily to the Wonder Woman illustration while Varsano points adoringly back at his wife.

Honestly Varsano, same. Gadot's portrayal of the Amazon warrior princess has sent shock waves through the film industry. The film has topped 500 million worldwide, was the third highest grossing film of 2017 and inspired countless women of all ages.

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And did we mention she filmed all of those intense battle scenes five months pregnant?! It's no wonder Gadot's husband wants to wear a shirt proclaiming how awesome his wife is—she really is a wonder.