Why Lady Gaga Skipped the 2024 Grammy Awards

Why Lady Gaga Skipped the 2024 Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga did not make an appearance at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The musical artist was not nominated in any categories, as her last released song was 2022's “Hold My Hand.”

“Hold My Hand” was the lead single to the soundtrack for the film Top Gun: Maverick, and it actually received two nominations last year: Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media. However, she didn't attend that red carpet either, and a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time that with her work on the Joker sequel, she was “laying low.”

“Gaga has been laying low because she is so focused on her work. She’s completely immersed in the Joker sequel and a lot of her energy is going toward that. She is totally in the zone and wants to kill it,” the source said.

She did express her thanks for the nominations in an Instagram post, writing, “I am so honored to be nominated for 2 Grammys for ‘Hold My Hand’ and the Top Gun: Maverick Soundtrack with my fellow composers. It’s a real dream to be included in this celebration of music with a song and musical theme so close to my heart thank you ❤️ I fully cried, this never gets old and I’m super humbled.”

It's possible that next year will be a different story. The Chromatica singer posted two different photos of herself to Instagram in early January where she appears to be in some kind of home studio, surrounded by instruments. In the first she's wearing knee-high boots and an over-sized cardigan as a dress. She has black sunglasses and a pair of headphones, too.

In the second, she's wearing a white T-shirt under a gray cardigan patterned with pills. The T-shirt has an illustration of the comic book version of Joker.

In the caption, Lady Gaga wrote, “If anyone asks I’m at church.”

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