Why You May Want To Avoid Adding Jam To Boxed Cake Mix

Raspberry jam and whole raspberries
Raspberry jam and whole raspberries - sweet marshmallow/Shutterstock

When it comes to experimenting with cake, boxed mixes are perfect in a lot of ways. Not only are they easy and quick to use, but it's not that big of a deal if they don't turn out how you were hoping. Making a cake from scratch, on the other hand, tends to come with higher expectations. Still, if something just isn't going to work, then it's worth knowing ahead of time so you don't waste your time or a box of cake mix unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the case with simply adding jam to boxed cake mixes, which is really too bad since it seems like such a promising idea. There are two different methods that can be used for adding jam to boxed cake mixes, but both tend towards lackluster results when the directions for the rest of the boxed cake mix are followed as is. Blending the jam directly into the mix does little to affect the flavor whereas a ribbon of jam on the batter in the pan gives it an overly moist and unfinished texture.

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What Can You Do Instead?

Slice of poke cake with raspberries
Slice of poke cake with raspberries - kathringabriel/Shutterstock

There are a couple of other options for using jam to jazz up your boxed cake mix, so don't despair. One method is to make a poke cake and substitute the Jell-O for jam. This is actually a fantastic way to utilize fruit preserves in your cake without the risk of it coming out under-baked. And there will also be plenty of flavor! All you have to do is make the regular boxed cake mix and, after baking, poke holes in the top just as you would for a poke cake made with gelatin. Then, instead of pouring the Jell-O on top and letting it seep into the holes, spread the jam. Just be sure that you use enough that the jam works its way all the way down through the holes.

Another option is to combine the jam with cream cheese frosting. While this won't give you the same effect as jam stuffed inside the actual cake, it's still a delicious way to incorporate it with your cake. Or use jam as a fruity filling for the boxed mix cake. To do so, slather the sweet preserves between layers the same way you normally would do with frosting.

There Might Still Be A Way To Add Jam To Your Boxed Cake Mix

Yellow cake with strawberry jam
Yellow cake with strawberry jam - Jalurkuning/Shutterstock

If you're still super determined to add jam to your store-bought cake mix, there might be a way to do so and still have it turn out well. But you will have to leave some of the liquid out to make it work. In this case, skip the cup of water that most boxed cake mixes call for and replace it with the jam. There's no guarantee that it will turn out exactly how you envision it, but it shouldn't be quite so soggy this way.

By keeping the same ratio of liquid, the cake stands a better chance of baking properly. Subbing out the water for jam will still change the texture to a certain extent, but it shouldn't be gummy or overly moist like it would be if you prepared the boxed cake mix according to the directions and just added jam. And while you're unlikely to get a big pop of flavor this way, this can be fixed by adding a little jam to the filling.

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