Why You May Want To Avoid The Realgood Brand At Costco

Realgood chicken enchiladas on plate with condiments
Realgood chicken enchiladas on plate with condiments - Real Good Foods

To keep prices reasonable for its members, Costco carries many private-label brands that are said to rival big-name competitors in terms of quality. While that may be true of many of the store's products, the Realgood brand is constantly under fire, particularly when it comes to its chicken grande enchiladas with tomatillo sauce. While the item sounds downright tasty, to say that Costco members on Reddit are not impressed is an understatement.

According to one overly descriptive commenter, the frozen dish recalled flavors of "Tomatillo and throw up," while another person stated that the enchiladas are "Bland and just salty." Complaints about the texture of the Mexican-inspired product were also rampant, with one person describing them as "Rubbery tortilla sitting in a pool of water." Some commenters noted that Realgood products are intended for low-carb and ketogenic diets, which could explain why they're not as flavorful as other frozen foods found at the warehouse retail chain. And the enchiladas are not alone in the hate fest, as other Realgood items are also the subject of scorn.

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Complaints Pour In Regarding Other Realgood Products

assortment of Realgood brand foods in shopping cart
assortment of Realgood brand foods in shopping cart - Facebook

According to the Realgood Foods Co. website, the brand creates food that is "High in protein, grain free and always made from real, nutrient dense ingredients." In addition to its enchiladas, Costco shoppers will also find breakfast flautas, stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon, and breaded chicken strips from the brand. As for the last item, it's also received some poor reviews, at least according to one Reddit thread. As one person put it, these chicken strips are best described as "flavorless and dry," while another commenter claimed, "I wouldn't recommend these even if on sale."

Quite a few people do carry a favorable opinion of the product, particularly those on restricted diets. One person defended the honor of the chicken strips, stating, "As someone with celiacs it's awesome to be able to get chicken tenders that aren't twice the price. These are gluten free." Celiac disease makes it difficult to digest gluten, so those impacted must look for gluten-free alternatives, which is often challenging.

However, Costco understands that not all shoppers will love its private brand products. In the interest of optimal customer satisfaction, the chain provides a way to recoup your losses in the event you're not happy with a purchase.

What To Do If A Realgood Item Is Not That Good

Costco employee helping shoppers in store
Costco employee helping shoppers in store - View Press/Getty Images

One of the many great things about being a Costco member is the store's generous return policy. According to the website, the 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to receive a complete refund on items if you're not fully happy with them after purchase. While there are some exceptions (including electronics and alcohol), Costco is happy to accept the return of most private-label goods offered in its stores, including the assortment of Realgood products.

In the event the purchase was made online, shoppers can process their refunds through the website. In this case, you must access your order history, from which you can choose to return or replace the product you're dissatisfied with. If you purchased the product in-store, you can simply return it to that location. The Realgood brand may not be on everyone's shopping list, but it's nice to know there are options for members with dietary restrictions. And it's also great to know that Costco takes customer satisfaction so seriously by providing a simple and straightforward return policy.

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