Why the Mixie Cut Is One of the Biggest Hair Trends of the Moment

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The mixie cut continues to stake its claim in the ever-evolving world of hair trends. The edgy style is all about pushing boundaries and embracing your individuality. Not to mention, is a built-in style statement.

If you're not familiar with it already, the mixie cut is a style that is longer in the back like a mullet, and shorter in the front, like a pixie. The cool cut has gained popularity thanks in no small part to celebrities like Miley Cyrus, who has rocked different iterations of the style and upped its cool factor over the past few years.

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If you are tired of more conventional hairstyles and are longing for a refreshing change, consider experimenting with the fabulous mixie cut. Here, a pro hairstylist helps break down everything you need to know.

Meet Our Expert

  • Marilisa Sears is a celebrity hairstylist and the artistic director at Marc Anthony.

Why the Mixie Cut Is Trending

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In an era where self-expression reigns supreme, the mixie cut embodies the desire for a unique and distinctive look. "The mixie haircut is one of my favorite cuts as it creates versatility and a feeling of individuality," says Sears. "The style has an indie vibe that's super [fashion-forward] and anti-fashion at the same time. It's calling out to all the cool girls in the world." Simply put, the mixie cut's bold silhouette and contrast between short and long creates a dynamic and eye-catching style that's impossible to ignore.

Benefits of the Mixie Cut

Beyond its undeniable cool factor, the mixie cut offers a plethora of practical advantages. Its low-maintenance nature means less time spent on daily styling, perfect for those with busy schedules. The textured top layers provide volume and movement, allowing creative styling options ranging from casual tousles to pin-straight strands. The mixie cut is also incredibly adaptable, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

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Plus, maintaining the mixie cut is more low-maintenance than you think. “The wonderful thing about this cut is that, for the most part, it maintains itself, with a bit of help from you,” says Sears. “It shifts into something shaggier as it grows in, which is lovely.”

And a word of advice: Once you get a mixie cut, be prepared to be noticed. “Watch how cool your entire wardrobe will look,” says Sears. “Just look at Audrey Tautou; she’s my earliest recollection of mixie-cool!”

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How to Style the Mixie Cut

When it comes to the mixie cut, the bulk of the styling is taken care of by the cut itself, so find yourself a hairstylist who is well-versed in the look to start. Now, that does not mean that you have no responsibility; it just means you don’t have a lot.

“The mixie haircut is more about using the right products than styling," says Sears. Use products that add texture and definition without weighing down your hair. "If you have a mixie with curls, use something like Cake Beauty ‘The Curl Friend’ Defining Curl Cream. It helps immensely with curl definition but has a natural finish that allows the hair to move. Its formulation is also light enough that you can twist bits and fluff as it dries. If you have waves or a straight mixie, Cake Beauty ‘The Wave Maker’ Texturizing Beach Spray, is great. It’s got just a bit of grit, but enough to give hair a bit of movement with a tousled edge."

Mixie Cut Inspiration

As there are different interpretations of the mixie haircut, Sears recommends always taking a visual to explain to your stylist what you want.

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If it’s your first time trying the mixie cut, Sears recommends referencing this version. “Aiming for this is brilliant as it has natural movement, and will be simpler to do on a daily basis. A great cut with a bit of product to enhance it will give you this.”

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“This is a shaggy mixie, a blend between a shag haircut and a mixie. The longer softer edges carry it slightly towards a shag,” says Sears. “What I like about this look is that although it is a softer finish, the smoothness of the overall look keeps a bit of an edge.” To achieve Miley Cyrus' look, it will take a little bit of work to maintain as you’ll need to blow out your hair for the polished finish.

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“This look has a clean, modern, and polished edge that gives the cut a new look,” says Sears of Demi Lovato's look. “Oftentimes, a mixie has a softer finish. This is a stronger look, and it gives it a powerful energy that ups the look.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mixie haircut work on any face shape?

Yes! Our expert stylist says that anyone can wear a mixie. “The mixie is fully sexy and androgynous. I tweak it for different face shapes, of course, but there is always a way to make it work,” says Sears. “For example, if someone has rounder cheeks, I might cut a longer fringe. If someone has high cheekbones, I’ll cut a short, strong fringe to make the cheekbones pop.”

Can the mixie haircut work on any hair texture and density?

The mixie haircut can work on all hair types, but there is a sweet spot, says Sears. “You want the hair to have body as well as movement, so it shouldn’t be too fine,” she explains. “2A to 4A hair suits this style best — but that's just a rough guide as each head of hair has nuances.”

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