Why We Can Thank Spring Break For The Sex On The Beach Cocktail

sex on the beach cocktail by coconuts
sex on the beach cocktail by coconuts - Moncherie/Getty Images

The promiscuously named sex on the beach cocktail might seem like it was named for its attention-grabbing properties, like the porn star martini, but the history behind the sex on the beach cocktail is more complicated and contentious than you might think, and it all goes back to spring break. The beach is an iconic destination for college and university spring breakers, and bartender Ted Pizio was determined to capitalize off these rowdy clients. Pizio was a bartender at Confetti's Bar in Florida. In 1987, he was presented with a challenge to sell as much peach schnapps liqueur as possible. Peach schnapps was a new product at the time, and the competition was a way to promote the product.

Pizio took Peach Schnapps and combined it with vodka, cranberry juice, and orange juice. He then named the new drink after the two things he believed spring breakers came to Florida for: sex and the beach. Of course, this is just Pizio's account of how the cocktail came to be. There are also accounts of similar cocktails existing before Pizio's version took off. A similar though differently named drink was recorded in a 1982 book titled "Guide to Drinks" from the American Bartenders School. Even if a version of the drink existed before it received its scandalous name, there's no arguing that Pizio's title for the cocktail is what cemented its place in alcohol history.

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Other Variations Of The Sex On The Beach Cocktail

sex on the beach cocktail with black background
sex on the beach cocktail with black background - Darin Balevski/Getty Images

One of the beautiful things about the sex on the beach cocktail is how simple the recipe is. Its simplicity makes it an easy drink for bartenders to make and the perfect canvas to create a variety of delicious drink variations. In fact, the original sex on the beach is a cross between a fuzzy navel and a cape codder. One of these variations is the comically named woo woo, which can be served as a shot or on the rocks. To make a woo woo, simply omit the orange juice from the sex on the beach, and you will have a perfectly refreshing cocktail.

Sex on fire ups the heat of sex on the beach by replacing the vodka with Fireball whiskey, which is great for mixing with many drinks. The subtle throat burning from the whiskey is tolerable with the sweet fruit juices. Perhaps the most unique variation of sex on the beach is the sex on the driveway. This drink is made with blue curacao (which is featured in our Pacific Ocean tiki cocktail recipe) and Sprite instead of fruit juices. This bright blue drink bears little resemblance to its inspiration source but is equally delicious.

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