Why Travis Kelce Won’t Be Joining Taylor Swift at the 2024 Grammys: ‘I Wish I Could Go’

Taylor Swift will be at the 2024 Grammys in Los Angeles on Sunday, but those hoping for a Swift and Travis Kelce red carpet debut will be disappointed. Kelce will not be joining Swift at the February 4 ceremony, TMZ reported on January 30. Kelce confirmed he will not be able to attend himself on January 31 during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

“I wish I could go support Taylor at the Grammys and watch her win every single award that she’s nominated for,” he said. “But I think I got practice on Sunday. I know I got practice Saturday, but Sunday is a travel day. Unfortunately I’ve got to get ready for this big ol’ Super Bowl that we’ve got in a week.”

Multiple sources told TMZ that Kelce will be arriving in Las Vegas that night, where he will be playing in the Super Bowl the following Sunday, February 11. The outlet wrote that Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs “will be on a strict schedule ahead of squaring up to the 49ers” for the big game.

The sources reiterated that there is “no chance” that Kelce will hop from Vegas to nearby Los Angeles to be with Swift at the awards show. Work comes first, very understandably in this case.

Swift is up for six awards at the Grammys and will not be able to stay in the area too long after. She is due to resume her Eras Tour in Tokyo on February 7. She will play from the 7th to the 10th before immediately leaving after her last Japan show to get to Las Vegas for Kelce’s big game.

A source confirmed Swift’s travel plans to Page Six earlier this week. “It’s a brutal flight, but she’ll get on her plane right after the [February 10] concert,” the source said. Thanks to the time difference, Swift can make it to Vegas with plenty of time, despite the flight being 10 hours.

Kelce’s attention right now is on the Super Bowl, a source told People yesterday. When the Chiefs won the AFC Championship last Sunday, Kelce “was feeling every single emotion,” the source said. “Now he and the team are focusing on the Super Bowl. It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks,” as they prepare.

Swift and Kelce are doing fantastic as a couple though, the insider added: “It’s obvious, isn’t it? They’re genuinely happy together. She’s there to support him and cheer him on, and she’s fit in seamlessly with everyone he loves.”

This post has been updated with Kelce’s remarks about having to miss the Grammys.

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