Here’s How You Can Win a $100,000 24-Karat Solid Gold Stick of Butter

It was created by New York-based jewelry designer Greg Yüna.



Ritz is dropping a brand-new, limited-release butter-flavored cracker on April 29. And to celebrate the launch, the company is going way, way over the top with a 24-karat solid gold bar in the shape of a stick of butter.

Let me go ahead and repeat that: They’re commemorating the release of a butter-flavored cracker with a 24-karat solid gold bar in the shape of a stick of butter.

According to Ritz, the new crackers capture the butter flavor you find in traditional Ritz crackers and kick it up a notch with “an extra boost of decadence in every bite,” which the brand likens to “adding a touch of extravagance to life’s everyday moments,” such as “a hint of bling or a dose of swagger.” Quite the feat for a product that didn't list any additional butter in its ingredients list.

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I've apparently been eating crackers wrong my entire life, but nevertheless, back to that bling: The company joined forces with New York City-based luxury jewelry designer Greg Yüna to design the… stick?

“I immediately knew that this project was something that my team and I could execute and have fun with — because one thing we definitely know how to do, is to be extra,” Yüna said in Ritz’s butter-filled press release. And let’s face it, it doesn’t get more extra than a stick of gold butter. ”We were so pleased to turn this everyday essential into something luxurious and special,” he says.

Special indeed. Ritz is also giving fans who “Live Buttery-er” the opportunity to win the $100,000 piece of art — because who doesn't need a piece of butter art worth more than a new Tesla?

To win, butter enthusiasts are being encouraged to “showcase their Buttery-er selves” by creating a TikTok video using the Live Buttery-er TikTok effect created by Ritz. The effect will be available on TikTok starting at midnight ET on May 1st, with the contest running through May 20th at midnight.

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To enter, fans are asked to share their video on TikTok, tag @theritzcrackersofficial in the caption, and include the hashtags #liverbutteryer and #RITZcontest.

If you’re curious how one might make a gold butter bar you can watch a behind-the-scenes video about the experience now on Greg Yüna’s Instagram. And if you want to get your hands on those buttery crackers, you can snag a box at retailers nationwide starting next Monday for a suggested retail price of $4.29 — or .429% of a gold stick of butter.

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