Winnie The Pooh Would Be Obsessed With TikTok's "Honey Lips"

For fall, the common theme across all beauty trends and categories is that the girlies like to keep things extra sweet. From "Latte" and "Cinnamon Spice Girl" Makeup along with Hailey Bieber's "Strawberry Girl" glam that was big for summer and now we're adding "Honey Lips" to our rotation for fall, making even more of a case for us needing to watch our sugar intake.

Coming in at 13.3 million views, #honeylips is a trend that beauty influencer Eva Larosa curated and derives from the literal look of honey, minus the stickiness curated. If you want to really get the honey look that Winnie The Pooh was after, add a shimmery, gold eyeshadow and a poppin' lip gloss to the mix and you will have hit solid gold.

There are easy ways or a more intricate approach to arrive at "Honey Lips," it's all contingent on how you feel and the vibe you're going for. For those looking to work smarter, not harder, we recommend opting for Gisou's Honey Infused Lip Oil ($32 USD), which leans more on the yellower side.

If you need more, we've added a few "Honey Lips" tutorials to help you easily achieve the look. We also want to see how it turns out for you, so hit up Hypebae's Beauty IG for a chance to be featured.