This pair of wireless ear buds cost a quarter of what AirPods do - here's what happened when I put them to the test

Anastasia Barbuzzi
·Shopping Writer
·4 min read

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Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds (Image via Turkcell)
Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds (Image via Turkcell)

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As a long-time iPhone user, AirPods seemed like a logical choice of wireless earbud after their release in 2016.

That is until I caught sight of their price.

I was set to upgrade my phone in only a couple of months, so I figured I’d upgrade my earbuds at the same time.

Then, I replaced my phone and put off purchasing a new pair, knowing that I’d end up losing mine while on a run.

Today, at the rate my current pair of earphones knot themselves up during workouts, I figured it was time to reconsider.

Would they be worth the $220? Or could I find something just as good for a lower price?

Though I own professional headphones and several other audio gadgets for work purposes, I can’t say that I’m a tech junkie.

While looking for a new pair of earbuds - mainly for walking, hitting the gym or treadmill with - I was on the lookout for a few features:

  • Earbuds that would stay put when I was moving around.

  • Earbuds that had great connectivity features.

  • Earbuds that had good battery life.

  • Earbuds that had good sound quality.

  • And of course, earbuds that came with no tricky wires.

That’s how I came across Defunc in my search - a line of Swedish-designed audio products that includes an extensive selection of earbuds for listening to music, talking and getting active.

The brand aims to simplify your choice of listening device depending on your needs, which made it seem all the more convenient.

First, I chose Defunc’s True Go Slim model. Then, I set out to put it through two trials: a HIIT gym session and a long run.

Here’s what happened when I put them to the test.

Defunc True Go Slim Earbuds

Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds in White
Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds in White

SHOP IT: Defunc, $49 (will retail for $67 Canadian)

Inside the box

Before we get to the results, here’s what came inside the True Go Slim package:

  • One USB-C charging cable

  • A single charging case with earbuds inside

  • Two sets of extra silicone ear tips

  • One set of sport wings

Defunc’s True Go Slim Earbuds feature a water and sweat proof MultiTip design with sport wings for long-lasting comfort.

In addition to a 22-hour playtime (four hours of active playtime), Bluetooth connection and 10-metre wireless range, the True Go Slim Earbuds come in six different colours: black, blue, green, pink, red, and white.

Trial no. 1: The gym

After reading a couple of complaints about the True Go Slim’s command sounds being too loud, I was afraid that I’d be startled throughout my first wear.

I will admit that they’re a bit loud for my liking and have inquired about ways to adjust the volume with Defunc.

I found the earbud touch controls to be sensitive as well. While doing exercises that required me to raise my arms above my head, I inadvertently switched the track I was listening to (as you can press the right ear bud for two seconds to skip to the next song).

Fortunately, the True Go Slim’s sound quality was crisp and the connection to my phone remained steady.

Most importantly, they did not move between a combination of floor exercises like side planks and cardio spurts involving burpees.

Defunc True Go Slim Earbuds

Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds in White
Defunc True Go Slim Wireless Earbuds in White

SHOP IT: Defunc, $67

Trial no. 2: The run

I received a call before I began my run and had no issues picking it up or using the voice assistance feature.

Again, the True Go Slim Earbuds did not budge. But if I tried to adjust the position of one, I had to be careful about the touch controls.

On the day that I ran with the buds in my ears, I hadn’t charged the carrying case in three days and the battery had only gone down by one notch.

Realistically, the only thing that would make the True Go Slim Earbuds better is if I could leave my phone at home while running.

The verdict

Overall, I found Defunc’s True Go Slim Earbuds to be best for their:

  • Long-lasting comfort

  • Secure fit

  • Playtime

  • Sound quality

If the volume levels and sensitive touch controls were improved, I wouldn’t be able to recommend the True Go Slim Earbuds enough.

With that said, if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds to warm-up in, wear around the house while cooking or taking phone calls, they’re worth the buy.

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