Woman divides internet after complaining she's 'stuck with giant brick' engagement ring she can't wear

A woman has claimed she ‘can’t wear’ her ring (not pictured). [Photo: Getty]
A woman has claimed she ‘can’t wear’ her ring (not pictured). [Photo: Getty]

A woman is facing a bit of a dilemma after receiving an engagement ring she ‘can’t wear’.

Taking to Reddit the unnamed woman opened up about receiving an engagement ring she “hates” and “can’t wear”, despite having a discussion with her soon-to-be husband before he even proposed.

The 40-year-old said she and her partner, 44, have been together for almost five years.

She works in medicine – direct patient care – and says she had discussed wanting a “very simple ring”.

“I’m not much of a jewellery person anyway and nothing huge and ‘glamorous’ would suit my personal style, I don’t care for the look, and I would not be allowed to wear it at work,” she wrote.

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She says her other half understood at the time, but then he “proposed with a giant brick I hate and never would or could wear”.

“I brought it up with him the next day after thinking about how to say it. He got very upset,” she explained.

“I wanted a simple band or silicone wedding ring because I cannot wear set stones at work, nor do I like large, glam jewellery and that’s exactly what my now-fiancé proposed with.

“I don’t like and can’t wear this ring. I suggested compromises and he’s insistent that I ‘deserve’ this ring….. that I hate and can’t wear. Help.”

Some people agreed with the woman, saying the couple should go ring shopping together.

“If the ring has no significance, like being a family heirloom, return it and get her a ring she wants,” one person wrote. “Maybe he’s embarrassed that he made the wrong call and just needs time to accept it. There’s nothing wrong with both partners going ring shopping together.”

“You’re being totally reasonable and he isn’t listening to you at all. YOU’RE THE ONE WEARING THE DAMN THING! I don’t know why he gets a lot of input at all to be honest,” another said.

“I’m very much of the opinion that the person wearing the ring has 100 per cent of the say in what it looks like,” another agreed.

Some suggested perhaps she keep the ring and wear it when she can, while choosing a simpler one for everyday.

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“I work in health care. One solution is to wear this ring on a necklace and then when you buy your wedding bands make sure it’s something plain and more to your tastes,” was one suggestion.

There were a few who stood up for her fiancé, highlighting how nerve-wracking it can be to propose.

“This is literally the first time I’ve ever heard a woman complain that the ring was too big and expensive,” one person said.

“Maybe we should look more closely on how he feels. Maybe he really just wants to express how much he loves you and by complaining about the ring or price could be a sore spot of ‘rejection’,” was another response.

She did agree that there was clearly no “malice” in his decision to ignore her ring requests.

“But adult up and accept this ring won’t work and I dislike it,” she later added.

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