Woman loses more than 100 pounds in 9 months -- without surgery!

[Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

The only way to lose nearly 115 pounds in under a year is through surgery, surely?

Not according to 25-year-old Kate Writer from Australia, who dropped five dress sizes in just nine months.

After falling into the all-too-common weight gain trap when she began a new relationship with her fiancee Nick Jones (28), she weighed 254 pounds at her heaviest.

[Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

But at dress size 20, her weight gain soon began to impact her health, and she began to have painfully swollen ankles after standing all day at work.

So she decided something had to change. She cut her calories, began a brutal exercise regime, and has now recently qualified as a PE teacher.

”When I first met Nick, I was about 80kgs (175 pounds) and on the chubby side,” Writer told The Huffington Post.

“He loved me the way I was and I quickly became comfortable around him.

[Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

“We’d eat takeaways most nights and before I knew it, my weight had shot up.

“By 21, I was 120kgs (265 pounds) and wearing a size 20. I was so overweight it hurt to stand up at work and that’s when I realized I had a problem.”

When Writer was younger, she did feel body confident, but wasn’t aware of what foods were healthy or not.

“At school I was on the chunky side but I was never teased or bullied. I played sports and was active and had heaps of friends,” she said.

One of Writer’s lean meals [Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

“But I loved food and had no idea about what was good or bad for my body.

“My mum would cook amazing family dinners. We’d eat fresh pasta and schnitzels all smothered in cheese and oil. I’d happily wolf it down, oblivious to the calorie content in such meals.

“Then Nick came along and he was a fan of food too. Like me, he never questioned what he was eating. We just ate what we enjoyed.

[Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

“But while Nick’s body was never affected by what we ate, I ballooned.”

Writer’s weight went up by 7 pounds each year that her and Jones were together, but didn’t notice until it was too late.

So she switched her fatty diet for vegetables and lean meats, and began doing high-intensity workouts at home.

[Photo: Instagram/Kate Writer]

“After nine months I’d shrunk down to a size 10 and weighed about 65kilos [144 [pounds],” said Writer.

“It was the least I’d ever weighed in my life and I felt fantastic.”

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