Woman mistakenly applies to jobs using 'joke resume' after 'unhinged moment of madness': 'I’d love to see this'

You may not always be the perfect job candidate, but you’ve probably never done this.

A woman is kicking herself over a major mistake she made while applying for jobs on LinkedIn. Ironically, TikToker works in Human Resources. However, she became so frustrated and depressed on the job hunt that she did something completely “unhinged.”

“Guys, I made a mistake,” she said.

While applying for jobs on LinkedIn, she found a posting for a confidential employer, meaning the company’s name was not disclosed.

In an “unhinged moment of madness,” she made a fake “joke resume.” The fake included a photo of her with sunglasses and a mustache to disguise her real identity the way the company had.

She applied to the confidential employer with the joke resume, but that wasn’t the issue. She forgot to delete the fake resume, and for three days, she applied to “serious jobs” with it.

“I hope some recruiters have a sense of humor,” she said, acknowledging she probably won’t get callbacks from any of those jobs.

People on TikTok had a sense of humor about the blunder — although we can’t speak for job recruiters.

“Been in talent acquisition for 10 years. I would have immediately reached out to talk,” a person said.

“Reapply with the right resume, they’ll never know with that disguise you used,” a user commented.

“I had someone send me a sample of their handwriting instead of a writing sample,” a TikToker replied.

“I accidentally applied to serious jobs with a template resume for months and they’ve reached out saying they were impressed,” someone wrote.

“As a hiring manager I’d love to see this,” another added.

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