Woman reveals her fiancé hid her engagement ring in plain sight for weeks before proposing

A boyfriend has managed to pull off a surprising proposal to his partner, despite his risky decision to hide the engagement ring in plain sight.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, a woman named Eden - who goes by the username @edenscaife - revealed that her boyfriend proposed to her on a beach. In the clip, he was seen bending down on one knee and had a ring box in his hand. After placing her hands over her mouth, seemingly shocked by the proposal, she kissed her partner after his proposal.

However, she revealed that weeks before the engagement, her now-fiancé had been walking around with the ring on him. There were even multiple occasions where he held up the ring while with Eden, but still managed to hide the piece of jewellry from her.

The clip showed him holding the ring behind a coffee cup, while Eden walked in front of him with a dog. He also placed the opened ring box in his shopping cart full of groceries, while Eden walked ahead of him. Her boyfriend went so far as to hold up a peace sign with his two fingers, with the ring on one of them. As she stood behind him in the background, the TikTok user could be seen smiling for the camera, completely unaware of the ring on her partner’s hand.

In a different shot taken before the proposal, he held the ring behind Eden’s head and placed it on the back of her sweater, as she was in the midst of fixing a tire on a car. The footage ended with Eden’s boyfriend holding the ring box and walking behind her towards the beach, with the clip seemingly documented right before the proposal.

In the caption, Eden mocked her partner for casually walking around with the engagement ring before the proposal. “Because proposing apparently wasn’t stressful enough,” she wrote.

The TikTok video has quickly gone viral with more than 15m views. In the comments, people made quips about her partner’s bold move to casually take out the ring out before the proposal.

“Bro’s foreshadowing the proposal,” one person joked, while another added: “I know he was getting an adrenaline rush when he took each pic.”

“Bro was getting way too confident with those close encounters,” a third added.

The Independent has contacted Eden for comment.

This isn’t the first proposal that recently went viral on TikTok. In October, a mother made a hilarious mistake when documenting her son’s wedding proposal; she accidentally photobombed it. In the video, shared by a woman named Jennifer, her partner could be seen bent down on one knee, clearly preparing to propose. However, the moment was quickly cut off, with the video instead showing the future groom’s mother who was filming the proposal.

When the video showed Jennifer’s future mother-in-law, she laughed and looked away from the camera. However, once she realised she was filming herself, and not the proposal, she soon looked concerned.