Woman suggests employees should be able to use work aliases when dealing with customers: 'Listen, every time I get a bad customer, my name is Sabrina'

TikToker Jovon Ruth (@antiflexington) suggested that employees should be able to use aliases when dealing with customers at work, and viewers were totally in favor.

With so much information available online, it’s understandable why someone might not want everyone to know their real name. Between identity theft, doxing or a mean review on Yelp, it’s no wonder why people like Ruth are concerned about maintaining their privacy.

Recently, Ruth took to TikTok to suggest that employees should have the right to use an alias in workplaces with public-facing jobs, and viewers are so on board with the idea that the video’s comment section could double as a petition.

The clip opens with a shot of Ruth sporting a headset as she addresses the camera in her office.

“Am I the only one [who] thinks that the workplace should evolve into a space where we are going by aliases and not our real names?” Ruth questions.

She explains this reasoning at the end of the video, postulating, “If someone’s not satisfied with my service, they can go look me up and torture my family because they know my real name and didn’t get what they want.”

Viewers support the ‘alias’ idea

Viewers showed support of Ruth’s proposal. Some even shared scary situations in which a customer used their name to contact them privately.

“Listen, every time I get a bad customer, my name is Sabrina,” one user shared.

“Yep, someone at my job had a customer drive 3 hours one way to her house and slash her tires because they were upset at her,” mentioned one TikToker.

“One time, I had a guy who would come in regularly [when] I was the only cashier on shift. He was able to find my Facebook just by my first name, so yeah,” one viewer noted.

“I refused to be on our company website for that reason. I was alone in the office a lot, and I’m not putting my face AND name on the internet for them. Hell NO,” declared one person.

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