Woman says $200 cake is ‘the worst’ she’s ever seen

One woman’s candid critique of a $200 cake she ordered for her granddaughter’s birthday has sparked a heated online debate

TikToker Khrissy (@khrissyjoe1) showed off “the worst” birthday cake she’s ever seen on 7 November. In the footage, which has now accumulated more than 5.2 million views, the Tennessee-based creator expressed her discontent with the results of the expensive dessert she intended to be forest-fairy-inspired for her granddaughter’s first birthday.

“I spent well over $200 on this cake, and this is what I got,” she said. “This is the worst cake I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Khrissy proceeded to pan the cake, exposing all angles to her viewers. Decked in real and edible flowers, the four-tier delicacy incorporated varying shades of blue, light pink, and gold hues with crumbles of cookie sprinkled around the base. Fake leaves sprouted from the sides and out of the lumpy top which appeared to be dressed in fondant.

The upset customer admitted she relayed her grievances to the baker, and though they were well received she did not get the answer she was hoping for. “She said, ‘Well, I will admit it was a lot harder than what I thought it would be,’” Khrissy confessed.

“These are … fake plants. They’re supposed to be fondue,” she continued, meaning to say fondant. “Not to mention there was hair in the cake.”

Amused viewers flocked to the comments section to add their opinions on the finished product. “I would’ve thought I was being pranked! Looking around for a hidden camera,” a harsh individual wrote.

“That’s really bad. and for those of you cracking wise about her calling it fondue, she’s not a baker, she hired a ‘baker’. That’s who needs to know,” another agreed.

One positive person pointed out: “You got your money’s worth! 3 tiers start at 300+”

“Using fondant is difficult if you have no experience with it,” another person noted.

In a follow-up video, Khrissy revealed her initial inspiration for the themed cake – a Pinterest photo titled “Fairy cake with sugar flowers.” This cake was decorated and designed by Dena Reed the owner of Dena’s Sweetly Unique Cakes.

Dena, the baker from Texas, took to the comments to settle the argument over how much Khrissy should’ve paid for a creation like hers by adding she’d charge around $300.

In conversation with Today, Khrissy said she was willing to pay more so long as it came out how she wanted. “I would have paid $500 for the cake, something to represent my granddaughter, just something that was hers,” the grandmother proclaimed. Khrissy was eventually able to get a $100 refund.

The Independent has contacted her for a comment.