You Won’t Find Mountain Dew’s 2 New Flavors Just Anywhere — Here’s Where to Look

Freedom Fusion Slurpee, anyone?

<p>7-Eleven Inc / MTN Dew</p>

7-Eleven Inc / MTN Dew

It’s nearly July 4, and Mtn Dew is kicking off the summer season with two new flavors, one of which sounds appropriately patriotic. Exclusively at convenience stores under the 7-Eleven, Inc. umbrella — that includes 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes locations nationwide — customers can try both the new limited-edition Mtn Dew Infinite Swirl and the new Mtn Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee, each available now through the end of the year.

If the names “Infinite Swirl” and “Freedom Fusion” didn’t tip you off to the flavor profile of these beverages, the press release explains that the former is bright blue, with a tropical punch flavor that blends pineapple and berries. Infinite Swirl will be sold in 20-ounce bottles, which will temporarily be sold at the discount price of two bottles for $4. The Freedom Fusion Slurpee, meanwhile, is all-white and contains lemonade and peach flavors, which don’t have many obvious ties to the concept of freedom but probably form a delicious combination all the same. The Slurpee hits stores on June 26.

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This is far from the soda brand’s only Summer 2024 release. Just last week, Mtn Dew announced a similarly patriotic lineup of new red, white, and blue flavors: Star Spangled Splash (a red drink with berry flavor), Liberty Chill (a blue drink with berry notes and “50 flavors”), and Freedom Fusion, a frosty white bottled version of the Slurpee flavor. These are available in both 20-ounce bottles as well as 12-ounce cans, and they’re available at all major retailers for a limited time. It’s a clever promotion that not only results in aesthetically pleasing Fourth of July posts but also incentivizes consumers to seek out all three varieties when stocking up for summer gatherings.

The fact that Infinite Swirl can only be purchased 7-Eleven, Inc. stores is also in keeping with one of Mtn Dew’s preferred marketing tactics: making new flavors available only through exclusive retail partnerships. In 2022, Mtn Dew Purple Thunder, with its notes of blackberry and plum, was only available at Circle K stores. The melon-citrus-flavored Mtn Dew Frost Bite is sold exclusively at Walmart. And for a solid decade, Mtn Dew Baja Blast was only ever available at Taco Bell restaurants. These partnerships help steer consumers toward particular outlets and rewards them for shopping (or dining) there, and a good chunk of Mtn Dew’s flavor lineup is sold this way.

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With its stunty flavors, all-caps style, and a color palette that mimics the stars and stripes, there might be no beverage more American than Mtn Dew. So, yes, I suppose the names Star Spangled Splash, Liberty Chill, and Freedom Fusion are well-earned.

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