The World’s First Augmented Reality Laptop Has a Massive, 100-Inch Floating Screen

Sightful thinks there’s a market out there for a portable computer with a 100-inch display

No, the Tel Aviv-based startup isn’t planning to release a comically oversized laptop. Instead, it’s putting the final touches on an augmented reality device called the Spacetop that will allow you to view your work on a massive virtual display wherever you happen to be.

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The world’s first AR laptop basically looks quite similar to the lower half of your current laptop. The device’s chassis—which measures 10.47 inches wide, 9.8 inches deep and weighs 3.3 pounds— features a keyboard, touchpad and soft cover.  What separates it from other laptops are the NReal AR glasses that come tethered to the system. Slip those on and you’ll be able to view a giant floating screen right in front of you, no matter what environment you find yourself in. Sightful says the high-resolution display can span up to 100 inches, which should come in useful if you’re the type of person whose desktop is constantly littered with open windows.

As cool as the concept may be, there’s some room for improvement. At the heart of the Spacetop is Qualcom’s Snapdragon 365 mobile CPU, which is four years out of date at this point. That means Sighful’s device is about as powerful (and maybe even less so) than the smartphone in your pocket. That all but assures it’s not ready to take on the Macbook Pros and Microsoft Surfaces of the world just yet. The hardware news isn’t all bad, though. Specs like 8 GB of ram and 256 GB of storage are pretty standard among today’s laptops, while a 2560×1920 pixel webcam and fingerprint reader are features you don’t see every day.

Sightful Spacetop from the side
Sightful Spacetop

Intrigued? The Spacetop is expected to launch in the coming months. Sightful is now accepting early access applications for its device now through its website. It will cost $2,000 initially, which isn’t that far from the starting price of the top-of-the-line M2 MacBook Pro. Apple’s laptop may be the better computer at this point, but its screen size maxes out at 16 inches.

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