'I worry about the wrinkles': Jane Fonda says kissing scenes are harder at 80

For Jane Fonda, many things have improved with age. The 80-year-old beauty recently told
People that kissing in “real life” is better now, but kissing in movie scenes may be a bit trickier!

“If you move around too much, things start to fall!” Jane Fonda admits she worries about the wrinkles when it comes to kissing scenes.  (Photo: Getty)

“…In movies I worry about the wrinkles,” the actress admitted. “I’ll be perfectly honest. You want it to be a beautiful thing . . . you don’t want a lot of loose skin to be hanging when you kiss. If you move around too much, things start to fall!”

Fonda is starring with Diane Keaton, 72, Candice Bergen, 72, and Mary Steenburgen, 65, in the new movie “Book Club,” a flick about four women whose love lives are revived after they read Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Fonda says it’s refreshing to play the role of  an older women who is still interested in love and sex.

“I think it’s very individual. Some people have closed up shop down there, and for others the sex only gets better,” she said.

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