After years of trauma, this 15-year-old was able to heal and discover self value and self love

In this episode of In The Know: Walks of Life, a 15-year-old teen discusses the physical trauma he experienced when he was younger, as well as his healing journey where he found self-worth and self-esteem after developing the ability to love and value himself. As he continues down the path to recovering from his childhood trauma, he learns to embrace his imperfections and live a life filled with confidence and positive aspirations.

“Life hasn’t always been the best for me, especially growing up,” says the subject, who shares that he lives in the Southern United States. The subject begins to tell the story of his childhood trauma, explaining that when he was a baby, he was left with a babysitter, and the babysitter ended up leaving and going to work.

“I was left there with her son and her daughter. So she told her son to bathe me while she was at work,” he says. “And her son put the water on the max heat and I had severe burns to the right leg.” Once the subject’s parents arrived, they immediately took him to the hospital, where they were told that had they not left when they did, their baby probably wouldn’t have made it. “For that to happen to me at such a young age, it’s pretty crazy,” says the subject.

From that day forward, the subject was in and out of the hospital every five to six months, and between the hospital visits, the scarring, and the physical limitations (the subject shared that he walks with a limp) the 15-year-old’s childhood was filled with built-up anger. “I just felt like nobody was helping me or anything,” he says. “I just felt angry and I lashed out at everybody. I was an angry soul.”

Middle school was a particularly challenging time for the subject, and he shares that he “never wore shorts” to school, and instead opted to wear pants to cover his scars. But now, the high schooler proudly shares that his outlook has changed. “Now, I don’t care. People are always going to talk,” he shares. “Who cares what a certain person has to say about my life.”

The subject even shares that on his first day of high school, he wore shorts to school. “I just walked into school, with all my confidence and my limp leg,” he says proudly. “I didn’t have a care in the world about what people felt or thought about me.”

As the subject continues on his healing journey, he’s learning to accept his scars as part of who he is instead of a burden that lowers his self-worth. “I had to get comfortable with these scars that I have,” he says. “I had to embrace them. This is me—either you take it or you leave it.”

Looking ahead, things are looking up for the subject, who shares that his confidence and self-esteem are at an “all-time high right now.”

“I feel like I have a meaning. I have a future, and I have so much in store for myself,” he says. “I’m not going to let people determine whether I’m going to be this, or I’m going to be that. I’m going to determine that myself.”

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