'Yellowstone' Fans Plead With Kevin Costner After He Posted Heartfelt Season 5 News

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'Yellowstone' Fans Are Pleading With Kevin CostnerNBC - Getty Images

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Kevin Costner continues to garner acclaim for his work on Yellowstone, but his latest news has fans feeling nervous again.

On February 25, news broke that The Bodyguard star was up for a nomination alongside Kelly Reilly at the 2023 Critics Choice Super Awards. Well, it looks like he can add another win to his list of accolades, as he scored an award for Best Actor in an Action Series, Limited Series or Made-for-TV Movie. The announcement was made on March 16, leading the actor to thank everyone in the Critics Choice Association for appreciating his performance in the Paramount Network show.

"Thank you to the @ccsuperawards for the recognition!" he wrote on Instagram on March 19, shortly after Deadline reported the winners.

Kevin wasn't the only one who made a point to acknowledge his latest accomplishment portraying John Dutton. Yellowstone's official Instagram also celebrated the news with their own post, congratulating him for the milestone following his 2023 Golden Globes win.

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When Yellowstone fans heard that the Field of Dreams alum scored another award for portraying the Dutton patriarch in season 5, they immediately reacted in the comments. But alongside commending him for his success, they also pleaded with him not to leave the show amid hints of a potential farewell.

"Don't ditch us Kevin!" one person begged on Instagram. "Don’t you leave us on Yellowstone yet lol," another agreed. "No one wants you to leave Yellowstone. You fit that role. ❤️🙏," a different user implored.

While Paramount Network addressed the rumors to Deadline in February, denying that Kevin was leaving Yellowstone, it seems like viewers are still anxious over whether he'll eventually exit the series. What's more, the actor's lawyer Marty Singer, spoke out on his behalf and shared that Kevin's still "incredibly passionate about the show" and its success.

For now, Yellowstone fans can keep waiting for new season 5 part 2 episodes to premiere ... and possibly learn about more nominations for Kevin.

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