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YouTuber spends night in French jail after hanging fake portrait next to the 'Mona Lisa' for a prank: 'We're witnessing history'

Two YouTubers were caught by French police after one of them smuggled a portrait of himself into the Louvre museum for a prank.

JiDion Adams, 22, and Niko Omilana, 25, were competing in a “menace-off,” in which the duo try to challenge each other to do increasingly difficult pranks for their YouTube channels. Both Youtubers have over 6 million subscribers each.

Omilana had dared Adams to sneak a portrait of himself into the Louvre and hang it up next to the Mona Lisa, which is not technically a crime but very close to it. Tampering or damaging the Mona Lisa violates strict French laws. It’s estimated that over 8 million a year see the Mona Lisa, and it’s protected in 1.52-inch-thick glass with a wooden fence installed in front of it to keep patrons at a safe distance.

Omilana actually accomplished the prank himself in 2022. But Adams took it a step further. Not only did Adams sneak a painting of himself — dubbed the “Clapped Lisa” — next to the Mona Lisa, he but had a fake tour guide invent information about the painting to the crowds nearby.

In the footage uploaded to Omilana’s channel, security eventually intervened and asked Adams to leave. Before running out, Adams pulled his portrait off of the wall and escaped from the crowd. Knowing he was certainly going to get in trouble, he asked his accomplices — including the camera people — to leave so they wouldn’t be in trouble as well.

French police eventually did show up at the Louvre and take Adams with them.

“They apprehended me and questioned me,” Adams recalled in the video. Then Omilana watched as four policemen escorted Adams out of the museum and into a patrol car. He was eventually released the following morning.

Commenters were stunned by the complicated but successful planning the YouTubers did to pull off hanging a fake painting next to the Mona Lisa — twice.

“We’re witnessing history right here,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m convinced that if he wanted to be an art thief, he could steal any damn painting in the world,” another added.

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