Tell Me About The Weirdest Thing You've Found In Your Home That You Have No Explanation For

There's something so interesting (and mildly terrifying) about people discovering something bizarre in their home for the first time. And as someone who's always interested in an inexplicable creepy story, I need to know if you've ever found something in your home that was...questionable.

the attic of a home filled with old boxes
Tim Platt / Getty Images

Maybe you moved into your first home, and upon further investigation found a suspicious crawl space that you hadn't seen when you first visited the space. If you're really brave, you may have even decided to take a look inside.

a crawl space that's been revealed by ripping up a section of carpeting and flooring
u/OwneTrick / Via

Speaking of moving into a new home, maybe you ran into a similar situation to this person who found four adult teeth since residing in their new digs. (Although for your sake, I hope that's not the case.)

someone holding an intact adult tooth
u/moms-chesthair_7836 / Via

Or maybe you decided to renovate your home and in the process found old photos, letters, or notes that revealed something about the previous owners.

someone holding a damaged old photo of what looks like a couple
u/sam_babs / Via

Or hey, you may have found something that's not necessarily creepy, but just bizarre and/or really cool. Like this person, who found a platter left behind by the previous owner of their new home with an interesting backstory.

someone holding a metal platter with a note attached from the previous owner

Whatever it is that you found in your home in the middle of a move, renovation, or big spring clean, I want to know all about it. Comment below all the details of your strange or creepy find, and feel free to submit any photos in addition to your response! You can also fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!