Have You Ever Been Ghosted By Someone You Were Dating For A While? What Happened?

If you're a part of (or have been a part of) the modern dating scene, you know that ghosting is, unfortunately, pretty standard. Many people rely on ghosting or straight-up vanishing to avoid accountability or discomfort rather than communicate feelings, provide explanations, or discuss things like adults. Yeah, it can be a real bummer.

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Ghosting is rarely the best way to handle something (though there are exceptions to every rule), but getting ghosted by someone you've gone out with once or twice usually isn't the end of the world. It may sting a little, but life moves on. Getting ghosted by a long-term partner, however, is devastating, life-altering, stressful, and incredibly unfair.

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Perhaps you were preparing to move in with your partner and didn't renew your lease. You went to take a box by your partner's place, and they wouldn't answer the door. You tried calling and texting them, but nothing would go through. You checked socials, and they'd blocked you everywhere. You were able to contact their mom, who just told you it was over. In a panic, you briefly moved back with your parents to get your life together.

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Maybe your boyfriend was supposed to come by your parent's house for Christmas dinner to celebrate with your family. You couldn't reach him, and you signed on to Facebook just in time to see him tagged in photos with his fiancée and her family for the holidays. You had no idea, and it completely ruined your Christmas. He never replied to your texts and calls and eventually blocked you.

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Or, perhaps you cooked an elaborate dinner for your girlfriend to celebrate your anniversary. She'd texted you earlier that day to confirm when she'd be by, but she never showed. No text, no call, nothing. You panicked, worrying she might've gotten hurt. You eventually blew up her phone but saw your texts stop going through. You checked her Instagram, and she'd deleted all the pictures of the two of you and unfollowed you. You messaged her there and were promptly blocked. You developed significant trust issues after that.

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Have you ever been ghosted by a serious partner? What happened? Tell us your story in the comments or submit anonymously in this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.