Zendaya Just Shared A Close-Up Selfie Of Her Natural Skin Texture

zendaya natural skin texture
Zendaya Shares Radiant No Make-Up SelfieSteve Granitz - Getty Images

While there are an abundance of make-up and skincare products out there that claim to (and can!) minimise the appearance of pores, when it comes down to it, they are a natural feature of the skin that cannot be magically zapped into oblivion. And just like Regina George's, mine are 'huge'.

Admittedly, it has taken me years to accept that my pores are beautiful – albeit, still huge – however, today, this story isn't about me... Instead, this story is about Zendaya, for she's one celebrity who I'm sure would support my unofficially official 'embrace your natural skin texture' movement.

And 'why's that?' I hear you ask. Well, Zendaya has never been one to shy away from a makeup-free selfie and her most recent post – as shared on her Instagram story just short of 24 hours ago – proves that with a close-up look at her barefaced beauty

zendaya natural skin texture

Although not an international HD examination of her skin, the actor candidly shares the sweetest picture of herself in bed, which at the same time, shows her pores in all their natural glory.

Arguably, Zendaya does have an immaculately clear complexion (drop the skincare routine, please) and being the high profile celebrity that she is, most probably has access to the best of the best products, technology and skincare advancements out there. However, having said that, her pores are still somewhat visible, proving that just like yours and mine, they are completely normal. Snaps for Z!

One small step for man, one giant leap for the girlies with large pores. More of this realness, please!

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