11 Beauty Remedies for Summer Skin and Hair Damage

While you've been spending your summer safely soaking up the sun's rays, your hair and skin have taken a beating. Here's how to work rehab on your worst post-summer beauty problems, from lackluster locks to sun-damaged skin.

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#1. Get Poolside Protection
You might love swimming laps, but you hate what it's doing to your hair-constant chlorine exposure dulls color and texture. Use a clarifying shampoo after each dip in the water to remove green, brassy tones immediately.

#2. Keep Color From Fading
"The best way to richen up sun-bleached strands is a gloss treatment," says Friedman. "I recommend a demi-permanent color that deposits tone and shine while closing the cuticle, making the hair look and feel healthier. Plus, it will neutralize brassy tones. Another option is a color-depositing product, which tends to work best on prelightened hair. This can help maintain a cool blonde tone, keep brown hair rich, and help postpone your trip back to the salon if you're a redhead."

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#3. Hydrate Your Skin

"Use an exfoliating and rejuvenation mask twice a week," says Jan Marini, president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. "This will refine, soften, and hydrate parched, sun-exposed skin. As a result, your complexion will look plump and renewed - and ready to withstand cooler fall temperatures.

#4. Even Out Your Skin Tone
"Lackluster skin can often accentuate fine lines and conceal your true complexion," says Lisa M. Crary, CEO and owner of Santias Skincare. "Use a gentle scrub to reveal healthy skin underneath the dead cellular buildup. I recommend a physical exfoliant that stimulates new tissue growth while delivering antioxidants."

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#5. Trim Your Split Ends
"The ends of the hair are always the most damaged (and most susceptible to damage) as they are older and more weathered," says trichologist Philip Kingsley. "You'll also find that split ends cause more tangles since they're dry, dull, and inelastic (less stretchability). The only way to treat split ends is to trim them off! Contrary to those beauty myths, you can't physically heal a split end."'

#6. Prevent Dark Spots
As you age, the sun increases melanin levels in your skin, causing you to tan (or burn) - hyperpigmentation comes along with it. Try a concentrated brightening treatment to help diminish spots and prevent future ones from popping up.

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#7. Quench Parched Strands
"When hair is very dry, the cuticle is open and strands feel rough-like a piece of Velcro," explains Michael Duenas, founder of Hair Room Service (a deluxe service that provides hairstyling house-calls to celebs). Use a deep conditioner with ingredients like Omega 7 and Vitamin C to hydrate hair.

#8. Treat Sun Damage
Like a triple threat, an exfoliating serum works to diffuse sun spots, strengthens skin, and exfoliates to remove complexion-dulling cells. Give your mug some much needed TLC and add a daily dose of moisturizing lotion with sunscreen to your morning and bedtime beauty routines.

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#9. Fix Brassy Highlights
"As a colorist, end-of-summer brassy hair is an opportunity to add new dimension to your hair color," says Tracy Madaj, a colorist at Butterfly Studio in New York City. "Whether I add lowlights to create the illusion of a soft highlight or highlights to brighten up the overall color, you can really utilize what the sun has done to your hue."

#10. Fight Fine Lines
You may think that your crow's feet are from too much sun, but it's squinting-not UV rays-that are to blame. Women with lighter-colored eyes are even more prone to getting lines around their eyes because of their heightened light sensitivity. Even if you're a brown-eyed girl, always wear sunglasses with UV protection.

#11. Soothe Your Irritated Scalp
"Overexposure to the sun can really damage your scalp," says Head & Shoulders dermatologist Dr. Ilyse Lefkowicz. "Your scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. To bring the life back to it, minimize the amount of styling products you use, since most can cause an unhealthy buildup of oils, and lessen the use of heat tools. Also, shampoo on a regular basis - the massaging action invigorates follicles and reduces excessive sebum buildup that can lead to scalp irritations."

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