11 Smart Uses for a Fork

Forks aren’t just for feeding anymore. Go for gold with these silverware hacks for your kitchen and beyond.

1. Take your Pie to the Next Level
Learn all the different techniques for putting a picture-perfect decorative finish on your piecrusts.

2. Turn Frozen Fruit into Dessert
Icy melon milk granita is an easy make-ahead treat for a lazy afternoon. (No need to scrape our sherbetlike mixture every 30 minutes, as with most granitas — just rake it once at the end for the right consistency.)

3. Shred Some Serious Pork Shoulder
Roasting a whole pork shoulder takes time, but it’s worth the wait. It yields a lion’s share of rich, tender meat that you can prepare in diverse ways.Take two forks and dig in to that supple meat. 

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4. Or Some Serious Squash …
Run the teeth longways on the boiled squash to get the perfect veggie pasta. 

5. Or Fluff the Fluffiest Rice that Ever Fluffed
Separate those grains for a puffy end result. 

6. Or Craft Really Legit-Looking Gnocchi
These simple gnocchi are made from russet potatoes, flour, and egg. Gently roll each dough piece against the back tines of a fork to make ridges!

7. And Peanut Butter Cookies that Would Put any Cafeteria to Shame
Use the fork to gently press down on each scoop in a crosshatch pattern.

8. Set your Table for Success
Need to put place cards somewhere? Snuggle them between the prongs. 

9. Promote it to Main Course
It is the maddening law of the utensil drawer — the odd thingamajig that you pawed over a million times between last December and last week has gone missing the one day you need it. Instead, try a stand-in. A fork will do just fine during serving time. 

10. Spin Sugar into Edible Clouds of Instagram-Worthy Whimsy
After creating the sugary mixture, dip the tines of the fork in hot sugar; quickly move the fork back and forth over whatever you’re covering, making thin threads of sugar. Repeat, layering strands of sugar.

11. And When All Else Fails … There’s Always Avocado Toast
Cut in half. Eat in full. 

Your move, spatula.

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