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12 household essentials to stock up on during Amazon Canada's Big Spring Sale

Save on Lysol, Mr. Clean, Swiffer and more.

Amazon household essentials on sale during Amazon's Big Spring Sale
12 household essentials discounted during Amazon's Big Spring Sale. (Photos via Amazon)

Amazon Canada's Big Spring Sale is heating up with some seriously good deals on household essentials. If you need to restock your stash of cleaning supplies, now's the time to grab those basics and save some dollars. Replenish your disinfectant sprays, dishwasher detergent, carpet cleaners and more. Let's face it: every penny counts these days since prices are on the rise, but keeping up with your space shouldn't cause you additional stress. So, I've picked out 12 must-have items I'm adding to my cart, and you might want to check them out, too.

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This mop will help speed up cleaning time — and its large swivel head will effortlessly reach under furniture.

$30 at Amazon

This dish soap will cut through grease five times faster than the original Dawn. And the spray nozzle makes dishwashing more convenient by activating soap suds without contact.

$9 at Amazon

These powerful pods use Dawn and serious scrubbing power to dissolve food, lift it and wash it away — no more gross stuck-on residue!

$17 at Amazon

You'll get 12 mega rolls of super strong TP in this pack, which is equivalent to 48 regular rolls.

$14 at Amazon

These plug-ins will give your space an aroma of clean laundry and pure white lilacs. And they're infused with 100 per cent natural essential oils.

$10 at Amazon

People sometimes forget that their dishwasher needs to be washed, too. This dishwasher cleaner will remove limescale and grease buildup, even in the hidden, unseen parts.

$5 at Amazon

You can keep your door handles, countertops and other hard surfaces bacteria-free with these disinfectant wet wipes. Plus, it'll remove 90 per cent of allergens.

$36 at Amazon

This all-in-one disinfectant spray works on both hard and soft surfaces, killing 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria. It's travel size, so you can bring it on the go while travelling.

$33 at Amazon

These tough magic erasers will clean dirt off virtually any surface, even your white sneakers. You'll get six magic erasers.

$7 at Amazon

This kit will help you finally ditch the mop and bucket, helping you clean your wood floors in half the time. It comes equipped with a PowerMop, two pad refills, one cleaning solution and two batteries.

$33 at Amazon

This kit will help you remove any excess lint that has built up in the depths of your dryer. Trust me, you'd be surprised at the buildup — and this handy tool can help prevent dryer fires.

$19 at Amazon

Batteries are a household staple. These powerful AAAs are packed with 4x the power boost ingredients, ensuring they last super long.

$10 at Amazon

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