15 Photos Of Messy, Passive-Aggressive, Toxic Roommates That Are Probably Worse Than Any Roommate You've Ever Had

1.This petty roommate who wrote a message in marker on the trash:

Handwritten note on a trash bin lid saying to shut it properly or take out the trash, with a "Can Please Stop Putting Sharpie on Household Objects" note
u/Vivid_Pudding8603 / Via reddit.com

2.This roommate who let their mom throw out someone else's plants:

Text messages discussing missing plants and the possibility of someone discarding dead ones, with confusion over remaining ones
u/rememberthealaimo / Via reddit.com

3.This person who used the rest of their roommate's dryer sheets and replaced them with a different brand:

Note on laundry softener box: "Sorry I keep taking your dryer sheets! I hope it's okay that I took some bread too! - The Upstairs Dude"
u/IQuiteLikeCilantro / Via reddit.com

4.This roommate who had a tantrum in the bathroom:

A cluttered bathroom floor with various personal items and trash strewn around
u/Automatic_Area_5385 / Via reddit.com

5.This roommate who let their dog poop all over the deck:

Wooden deck with two chairs and an air conditioning unit, overlooking a backyard
u/Ok-Philosophy-3743 / Via reddit.com

6.This person who left this note for their roommate after said roommate made them both dinner:

Handwritten note in a sink requesting dishes to be washed after cooking
u/Mangagirll / Via reddit.com

7.This roommate who left a passive-aggressive note about something that bothered them instead of talking about it in person:

Note with tallies counting days a pan is left out, asking not to be passive-aggressive and wash it
u/IQuiteLikeCilantro / Via reddit.com

8.These roommates who let the bathroom trash can overflow to an unacceptable point:

Overflowing trash can beside a toilet in a cluttered bathroom
u/bottlerocketshaker / Via reddit.com

9.This roommate who took someone else's dishes out of the dishwasher so they could put their own in:

Sink with stacked dishes and glasses beside a handwritten note about a roommate using dishwasher pods
u/chloeh121 / Via reddit.com

10.This roommate who treated their room like it was the local dump:

Cluttered room with a collection of empty soda cans on a desk, clothes strewn about, and a dark sock on the wall
u/6Emo6Witch6 / Via reddit.com

11.This roommate who let their Tinder dates rummage through the fridge:

A handwritten note on a fridge saying, "If my roommate met you on Tinder you have no right to go through my fridge."
u/Trevon-CrystalCurio / Via reddit.com

12.This roommate who actually told someone to make their bed:

Text message on phone screen asking Jason to turn off fans in the room to prevent clothes from wrinkling. Sent by Nina at 12:14 AM
u/anonymous / Via reddit.com

13.This roommate who got super drunk and broke down someone else's door:

A damaged door with a large hole revealing a room with a bed and scattered debris on the floor
u/michelleigh80 / Via reddit.com

14.This roommate who moved out, but not before making some minor renovations:

Wall with peeling paint beside a flat-screen TV and a curtain rod with a star-shaped finial
u/DisgruntledGremlin / Via reddit.com

15.And lastly, this person who sent a fake EVICTION NOTICE after getting in an argument with their roommate:

Eviction notice text message with a deadline of January 30, 2024, for leaving premises due to lease agreement violation
u/10v3rgrl / Via reddit.com