20 Times People Got Divorced For Very, Very Petty Reasons

Most people don't get married hoping to get divorced later, but sometimes it's the best thing for both people. Not every relationship is destined to last forever, and that's okay.

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Recently, u/spicynovel asked people on Reddit to share the pettiest reason they've seen a couple split up. Even though some of the reasons might sound like small things, I can totally understand how they could wind up being someone's last straw. Here's what people had to say:

1."My great aunt divorced her husband for irreconcilable differences after he ate a strawberry from the plant she was growing."

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2."My MIL and her second husband both sell second-hand books. They had a large hall where they kept the books, divided by a middle path. A book had fallen out of a box and lay in the middle of the path. They had such a fight about whose book it was that they divorced over it. The book was worth $4, and they both made $150k+ per year."


3."I'm a divorce attorney. I had a client whose wife filed for divorce because she didn't get along with his sister ONE TIME. They had one disagreement. Seriously. That was it. He didn't stick up for his wife. She got mad and filed for divorce. On the stand, she said they had a great marriage and that he was a good father, but that one incident was too much. The judge told them, 'This is the dumbest reason I've ever seen anyone get divorced.' And he'd been a judge for 20+ years."


4."My grandma sued her second husband for a divorce because he got me a puppy for my 7th birthday. She felt the puppy outshined her present to me."

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5."I have a cousin who has been married four times for a year and a half collectively. The most recent divorce happened after a month when she told him he needed to cut the grass since it was tall. He got all pissed off and called it quits. Their preacher went to talk to him and told him, 'Well, she's right. The grass is getting tall. You do need to cut it.' My cousin's response dead ass was, 'I know that but ain't no woman gonna tell me what to do!'"


6."My grandma divorced her fifth husband because he wouldn't let her remodel their kitchen. I didn't like him, but it was a dumb reason to divorce, in my opinion."


7."A friend got divorced by his wife of three months. When he asked what was wrong, she said that it was nothing; he just snored loudly. In the worst case, they could have had separate bedrooms."

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8."I knew this couple where the husband was a farmer. He put his wife through school, and she got her degrees (she started off as a nurse and worked her way up) and became a physician assistant. Once she started working at a doctor's office, she thought she was too smart for her dumb farmer husband and divorced him because he wasn't educated and he wasn't up to her level of intelligence."


9."My ex told me his grandmother was into astrology and psychic readings when she was younger (I don't know about her interest in her later years). Apparently, she got a reading that said her third marriage would be the one that lasted, so she married and divorced twice quickly to get to the third guy. They DID last until she passed, so maybe she was onto something, but maybe she was in too deep at that point and would have stayed just to prove a point. I always found it pretty wild."


10."My ex became a gym bro after getting married. Two years into it, he asked for a divorce because he was upset I did not know how much weight he was lifting in the leg press machine. Some months before, he had 'banned me' from going with him to the gym because I did not match his vibe, so when I returned, I was kind of doing my thing and my own routine, but not focusing fully on him was apparently the wrong move. So well, that. Narcissist type. Obviously, he had a new girl immediately after, but the reason he told me about the weight was just so petty."

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11."I volunteer at an animal shelter. A couple came in one day and got into a huge argument over one of our cats. She had a temporary shelter name on the door: Tinkerbell. The woman thought it was an adorable name and just perfect for the kitty. The husband absolutely refused to have anything to do with the name Tinkerbell and insisted that if they did adopt the cat, they'd have to change her name."

"There followed about 15 minutes of off-and-on bickering, with her insisting that this cat was the embodiment of Tinkerbell and the husband peppering his rebuttal with suggestions like Pickles and Wombat. I explained that the cat had only had the name for a month and pointed out that most people change their cat's name when they adopt.

But she said that changing an animal's name was cruel, and anyway, her cat was absolutely a Tinkerbell. Then, she persisted in speaking to the poor creature in that awful baby-talk people use when confronted with adorable animals. I thought she was pretty annoying. Apparently, her husband thought so, too, because, after a few more minutes of her cooing at poor Tinkerbell, the husband abruptly said, 'I don't want a pet named Tinkerbell. In fact, I don't want a pet at all. I want a divorce.' And then he walked off.

We reassured Tinkerbell that she was not responsible for their divorce and adopted her out only a few hours later to a lovely couple who named her Daisy."


12."I wish I was kidding, but a girl I knew initiated a divorce because her husband bought an Android phone. Her reasoning was that his old account was synced on their shared devices so she could see what he was up to, but now, with Android, he must be hiding something. Good thing they were only married for less than six months."


13."They may not have gotten divorced because of it, but I know of a couple that fought over who got the canned fruit at their divorce trial."

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14."My five-time divorced uncle broke things off with his fourth wife because her kids from a previous marriage kept eating the Twinkies that he bought to pack in his lunches."


15."A couple I know got a divorce over a boat. They were picking out a boat to buy and couldn't agree on anything. She wanted a bowrider. He wanted a bay boat for fishing. She wanted an inboard lake boat. He wanted and outboard saltwater boat. They had more than enough money to just buy two fucking boats and pay to store them, but instead of doing that, they got in a fight that lasted a month, then got divorced."


16."My brother went to Georgia for a three-week job. He came back married! She divorced him because she didn't know Vegas was so hot. My brother owned his business there and couldn't/wouldn't move. Now when it's really hot, we go, 'Damn, it's so hot makes me want a divorce' or describe the weather as 'divorce hot.'"

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17."My grandma told me a story of a couple she knew. They had just got married, and she was moving all her stuff into his place. They got to unloading her piano when he took a look at it and said, 'I haven't got room for that — we'll have to get rid of it.' She immediately decided she'd rather keep the piano than the man, reloaded the rest of her stuff, and went home. End of marriage."


18."I knew someone whose husband divorced her for brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink. Apparently, he was very controlling, and this was his last straw. She was in a rush to get out the door for work. He came home and found her toothbrush by the sink and ended their relationship over it."


19."My husband's uncle filed for divorce because he and his wife couldn't agree on the thermostat temperature. She would have it too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer. After one and a half years, he said he couldn't take it and just filed for divorce. They had a pleasant marriage apart from that issue."

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20.And finally, "One of my uncles took a bite out of his first wife's sandwich. There was probably more going on, and that was the final straw, but that's not as fun a story."


Do you know a couple who filed for divorce over something seemingly small? Tell us what happened in the comments!