20 Weird & Wacky Ways to Reuse Old Beauty Products

Before you completely clean out your vanity, get resourceful and  repurpose your beauty staples for a slew of other uses. Find out how, here!

#1. Keep Old Makeup Palettes

They're good for storing broken chunks of blushes, powder foundations, bronzers, and eye shadows. Bonus: This trick helps keep your cosmetics area clutter-free.

#2. Use Face Scrub All Over

Ward off dreaded "bacne" by making your face wash double as a body wash, too. The salicylic acid also works to deep clean pores below the neck, not just on your mug.

#3. Get Artsy with Eyeliner

Try salon-style nail art at home by getting creative with your waterproof liquid eyeliner pens. Make designs using the tiny brush heads-just be sure to seal them in with a coat of clear nail polish when you're done.

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#4. Recycle Old Shower Scrubbers

That body pouf or sponge you wash with can also be used as an all-around cleaning tool when its shower days are over. The net is great for scrubbing out stubborn surface stains and can be molded to fit into hard-to-reach spots, too.

#5. Fake a Cuticle Treatment

If you don't have any cuticle oil on hand, consider clear lip balm as a ready substitute. Swipe it over nail beds to nourish tender skin and help manicures last longer.

#6. Repurpose Contact Holders

Empty contact lens boxes (the dual-side style that holds your lenses at night) can double as small pans to hold loose beauty goodies like vitamins, lipstick bullets, or false eyelashes.

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#7. Save Too-Dark Bronzer

If the foundation you bought is too dark for your skin, no worries! Blend it with lotion, and slather it on your legs for an instant bronzed sheen.

#8. Finish Off Perfume Bottles

Leave old perfumes with their caps off in the bathroom, and they'll function like air deodorizers. The pretty bottles are decorative touches, too.

#9. Bring Nail Polish to the Kitchen

If you're weeding out old nail lacquers, keep a few on hand to help color-code food containers in the fridge. Use different colors for each day of the week to take the guesswork out of reorganizing shelves.

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#10. Try Blush Elsewhere

That pink color you love on your cheeks works for your lips, too. Dab blush with your finger over pouts already hydrated with lip balm for maximum color.

#11. Save Old Brushes

When your makeup brush heads or bristles are loose, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to crimp the metal base of the handles. This helps the bristles stand stiffer, catch more pigment, and blend more effectively.

#12. Keep Old Mascara Containers

Before you dump your dried-out mascaras, clean off the wands and keep them handy for at-home manis. The tiny bristles are perfect for cleaning under nails.

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#13. Revive Ancient Polish

If your fave polish hardens, revive it by mixing a few drops of nail polish remover into the formula. A hint of acetone will make the lacquer liquid again.

#14. Repurpose Roller-Ball Applicators

Clean out roller-ball deodorants and refill the empty cases with olive oil for a makeshift, on-the-go, muscle massager.

#15. Get Crafty with Included Brushes

Save the tiny applicators that come with eye palettes for arts and crafts projects. They can be used to apply glue, glitter, and sequins to small spaces.

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#16. Combine Soap Fragments

When you have the remnants of a bar of soap, use warm water to mold it together with a larger piece. A bigger piece of soap will also work faster for sudsing up larger patches of skin.

#17. Hairspray on Art Projects

Artsy types can use hairspray as fixing spray on their masterpieces. It can prevent chalk and oil pastels from smudging.

#18. Make a Purse

Give a second life to cosmetic bags by embellishing them with ribbons and other adornments and turning them into glitzy clutches.

#19. Create Travel-Sized Goodies

Don't toss out nearly-empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or soap. Pour what's left of the product into tiny travel containers for your next trip out of town.

#20.Bake with Toothpaste

Save old toothpaste tubes for your next baking adventure. Cut off the flattened end of each tube, clean it out, and refill with icing to get fancy piping on pastries and other sweet treats.

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