23 Truly Terrifying Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Laws, And Sibling-In Laws That Have Me Side-Eyeing All My Potential Partner's Relatives

1.This cousin-in-law who wanted this poor grieving woman to plan a vacation for her:

Summarized text: The user's cousin offered to take their daughter on a vacation to give them a break, adding they are always available if needed
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2.This entitled sister-in-law who insisted on bringing her kids to a child-free wedding and ignored all attempts at a compromise:

Image displays a lengthy social media post discussing family issues at a wedding
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3.This mother-in-law had super strict rules about when her granddaughter (who was staying with her) could use the kitchen:

A screenshot of a messaging app conversation with messages displaying a discussion about someone needing to improve their planning
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4.This mother-in-law, who wanted their grandkid in a "bible-based" preschool and seemed to be an anti-vaxxer:

Three text message bubbles detailing a conversation about homeschooling benefits and mobile-based teaching, with a supportive response
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5.This MIL, who clearly thought everything was about her:

The image shows a text post with advice on respecting one's mother-in-law and valuing her presence and contributions
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6.And this MIL, who thought the same:

A screenshot of a social media post where a person shares a story about their future mother-in-law arranging her own wedding on the same day as theirs
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7.This MIL, who took it REALLY personally after her daughter-in-law chose to celebrate her own birthday with her parents rather than her in-laws:

Social media post expressing frustration about holidays and freeing family from obligations, with mixed reactions
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8.This MIL, who made this awful post after she learned her child was pregnant that completely discounted any non-biological grandkids:

A social media post expressing excitement about becoming a grandmother for the first time
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9.This mother-in-law, who just sounds like a nightmare:

Meme discussing how women see their alpha sons become submissive about household decisions
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10.This brother-in-law who was just a creep:

Text summary: A person expresses discomfort after their partner remembered their baby saying 'bye' but not the baby's name, feeling it was inappropriate and an invasion of privacy
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11.This disgusting mother-in-law:

The image shows a text post from a social media platform discussing family issues related to food, health, and disagreements
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12.And this mother-in-law was a monster:

Post sharing a personal story about a child's severe peanut allergy and a concerning incident with a relative
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13.These creepy mother-in-laws:

Screen capture of a social media comment discussing parenting boys alongside numerous other responses
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14.This sister-in-law, who I would be going no-contact with:

Image contains a screenshot of a text post from a social networking platform discussing a family dispute over child custody
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15.This mother-in-law, who body-shamed her daughter-in-law:

The image shows a text post from a social media platform expressing frustration over modern relationships, trust issues, and the impact on children
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16.Any MIL who thinks this is an okay sign to put up:

Person holding a sign with 'Rules for Dating My Son' including humorous threats about protecting him
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17.This mother-in-law, who literally read her DIL's medical records without asking, which is definitely illegal:

Summary of a person's frustration as their mother-in-law read their medical record without consent, discussing privacy invasion issues
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18.This mother-in-law, who would have me moving multiple states away:

The image shows a screenshot of a lengthy text message discussing childcare and family dynamics
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19.This terrible mother-in-law, who had clearly lost it:

Image summarizing a text post about a person's mother-in-law opening all their Christmas presents while they were at work
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20.This sister-in-law, who expected in-laws to drive two hours away and skip their kid's game:

The image shows a text message expressing frustration about a scheduling conflict with a family member's birthday party
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21.And finally, this woman, who isn't even an in-law yet, and I'm already scared of the monster-in-law she'll become:

Meme text: "Whoever dates my son one day - you brave. Because I don't like you already. ?"
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22.Along with this future MIL:

The image shows a social media post where a user announces expecting a boy and shares mixed feelings about family dynamics
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