25 Crave-Worthy Desserts to Make This Cinco de Mayo

cinnamon churros with dipping chocolate on the side
25 Fiesta-Ready Cinco de Mayo DessertsMIKE GARTEN

There’s no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (which, by the way, is not Mexico’s Independence Day, but commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla) than with tasty appetizers, fiesta-ready recipes and a refreshing margarita or two. But no occasion is complete without a sweet treat to cap off the festivities (hey, we don’t make the rules!). From crunchy churros and shatteringly crisp buñuelos to silky flan and a stunning, citrusy tart, we’re bringing you the most delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts — trust us, they’re guaranteed to take your Cinco de Mayo party to the next level and leave your guests going back for seconds.

Read on for a stacked roster of treats for every flavor of celebration. Keep it classic with a crowd-pleasing tres leches cake or wonderfully crumbly, sugar-dusted cookies, or go out on a limb with dessert-worthy dips, dulce de leche-stuffed sweets (cue the goo) or no-bake desserts to beat the heat. Looking for double the fun? From a show-stopping cheesecake to the cutest jello shots ever, we’ve also included treats that incorporate booze for a two-in-one package deal with major festive flair (you’re welcome).

Whether you’ve been tasked with bringing something sweet to a gathering or you’re hosting an all-out event of your own, these Cinco de Mayo desserts are the perfect way to end (or start, who’s judging?) the party. You can’t go wrong with any of these tasty, fiesta-worthy treats (especially paired with an easy dinner recipe), and you just might find yourself making — and craving — them all year long.


Give homemade flour tortillas a major glow-up by frying them up and showering them with cinnamon sugar. Though typically enjoyed around Christmas and New Year’s, these sweet, crunchy treats are *chef’s kiss* all year long.

Get the Buñuelos recipe.

a stack of bunuelos with orange background
Mike Garten

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Tender and irresistibly crumbly, these sugar-dusted cookies are made with pecans for nutty depth. Once cool, roll the cookies twice in sugar for optimal coverage.

Get the Mexican Wedding Cookies recipe.

mexican wedding cookies on a wooden board

Margarita Citrus Wedge Shots

You’ll be the MVP of the party with these classy, sweet-tart jello shots to punctuate the meal. Use a dish towel to pull the fibers out from the rinds, and a muffin pan to hold the molds as they set up. Then slice and serve!

Get the Margarita Citrus Wedge Shots recipe.

margarita citrus wedge shots with a small plate of salt
Mike Garten

Crispy Tortilla Bowls with Strawberries and Cream

Why use bowls when you can eat out of a tortilla instead? Flip a muffin pan over, nestle tortilla rounds between the grooves and bake until golden for crispy shells perfect for filling with strawberries and mascarpone whipped cream. Dessert, done!

Get the Crispy Tortilla Bowls with Strawberries and Cream recipe.

crispy tortilla bowls with strawberries and cream on an orange background
Mike Garten

Spiced Chocolate Bark

Chocolate was a prized Aztec ingredient in early Mexican history, and often added chiles to their recipes. Pay homage by giving this spicy sweet a try!

Get the Spiced Chocolate Bark recipe.

chocolate bark with pretzels and nuts

Cinnamon Churros

Dip them in salted chocolate-caramel sauce for the ultimate churros con chocolate.

Get the Cinnamon Churros recipe.

cinnamon churros with dipping chocolate on the side

Cocoa-Nutty Lime Tart

This sweet-tart recipe is the ultimate light, bright dessert for any spring celebration, Cinco de Mayo most definitely included.

Get the Cocoa-Nutty Lime Tart recipe.

cocoa nutty lime tart with slices of lime on top
Mike Garten

Choco-Churro Donuts with Dulce de Leche

If you really love the flavor of churros, you'll definitely want to make these gooey caramel-filled donuts.

Get the Choco-Churro Donuts with Dulce de Leche recipe.

churro donuts with dulce de leche and cinnamon sugar on top
mike garten

Churro Chips with Spiced Chocolate Dip

Another creative way to get your churro fix: with crispy cinnamon-sugar chips, dipped in irresistible spiced chocolate sauce.

Get the Churro Chips with Spiced Chocolate Dip recipe.

churro chips with spiced chocolate dip
mike garten


Theset dulce de leche sandwich cookies make for a caramel-filled delight that's guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

Get the Alfajores recipe.

dulce de leche sandwich cookies
mike garten

Homemade Dessert Shell

For a Mexican chocolate variation of this dessert shell, mix semisweet chocolate with cayenne pepper and ground cinnamon — then drizzle it over some scrumptious ice cream.

Get the Homemade Dessert Shell recipe.

chocolate brownie with ice cream and a chocolate shell on top
mike garten

Tres Leches Cake

Soaked in a trio of milks, this moist, delightfully light sponge cake is bound to be a crowd favorite. Plus, it’s ideal for making ahead: We recommend letting the cake chill overnight so it can absorb more of the delicious milk mixture.

Get the Tres Leches Cake recipe from Delish.

tres leches cake in a pan with a serving utensil
Andrew Bui

Pan de Elote

This moist, tender Mexican corn cake made with sweetened condensed milk doesn’t even require a bowl to whip up — simply blitz the batter in a blender and pour into the pan. Take it over the top with a drizzle of dulce de leche or cajeta!

Get the Pan de Elote recipe from Isabel Eats.

a stack of slices of pan de elote on a white plate
Courtesy of Isabel Eats

Sopapilla Cheesecake

Originally from Spain, sopapillas are a puffed, deep-fried dough commonly enjoyed in New Mexico and parts of Latin America. In this mouthwatering spin-off, crescent dough provides a foolproof, no-fry shortcut for enveloping a dreamy cheesecake filling (AKA, the best mash-up ever).

Get the Sopapilla Cheesecake recipe from Delish.

slices of sopapilla cheesecake on a dark background
Joel Goldberg

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

In this fun twist on the classic soaked cake, the addition of warm coffee in the batter enhances chocolate-y depth in each rich, swoon-worthy bite.

Get the Chocolate Tres Leches Cake recipe from Country Living.

chocolate tres leches cake in a square baking dish
William Dickey

Best-Ever Flan

Everyone knows there's no Cinco de Mayo party without flan — which is why you absolutely need to make this best-ever flan recipe ASAP.

Get the Best-Ever Flan recipe from Delish.

a plate of flan with pool of caramel
Parker feierbach

Margarita Cupcakes

Everything's better in cupcake form — especially when it comes to a classic fresh lime margarita.

Get the Margarita Cupcakes recipe from Delish.

margarita cupcakes with frosting and lime zest and small lime wedges
Ethan Calabrese

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

Just because it's May doesn't mean you can't have a cozy mug of hot chocolate — especially when there's cinnamon sticks and bourbon involved.

Get the Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe from Country Living.

mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon stick in a mug
Buff Strickland

RumChata Cheesecake

A boozy cheesecake involving graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon, and a generous pour of RumChata? Sign us up ASAP.

Get the RumChata Cheesecake recipe from Delish.

rumchata cheesecake with cinnamon sugar on top
Chelsea Lupkin

Chocolate Churro Dip

This recipe calls for churros made from biscuits with a heap of Nutella in the center... Um, yes, please.

Get the Chocolate Churro Dip recipe from Delish.

churros made from biscuits with a heap of nutella in the center
Jonathan Boulton

Tres Leches Cupcakes

Creamy tres leches meets sweet coconut in this truly delightful cupcake made with coconut milk and strawberries.

Get the Tres Leches Cupcakes recipe from Delish.

tres leches cupcakes with whipped cream and slices of strawberries
Charlie Gillette

Dulce De Leche Stuffed Mexican Chocolate Cookies

This heavenly cookie recipe calls for fudgy Mexican chocolate stuffed with gooey dulce de leche and spiced with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Need we say more?

Get the Dulce De Leche Stuffed Mexican Chocolate Cookies recipe from Butternut Bakery.

dulce de leche stuffed mexican chocolate cookies with flaky sea salt on top
Courtesy of Butternut Bakery


Made with fresh cantaloupe and chiles, these traditional Mexican ice pops give you the perfect flavor of sweet — but with a little kick.

Get the Paletas recipe from A Spicy Perspective.

cantelope, cucumber and chile paletas
Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective

Leche Quemada

These mouthwatering candies have the perfect crumbly texture, plus the delightful flavor of slightly burnt caramel. Yum!

Get the Leche Quemada recipe from A Spicy Perspective.

squares of mexican burnt milk candy
Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective

Mexican Rice Pudding Pops

Want a more savory and creamy popsicle instead? Try these pudding tops made with a classic Arroz Con Leche recipe involving jasmine rice, cinnamon and golden raisins.

Get the Mexican Rice Pudding Pops recipe from A Spicy Perspective.

mexican rice pudding pops with cinnamon sticks
Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective

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