'I left school for five months because of her,’ teen says of school bully


(Facebook/Humans of St. Catharines)

Meet the Humans of St. Catharines, Ont.

Inspired by the popular Humans of New York Instagram account, Humans of St. Catharines was created by Faras to showcase a different side of the small, Canadian city.

“I wanted to express not only to potential tourists, but also to its own inhabitants, that St. Catharines is not merely a small, historical city, but a city filled with unique, interesting individuals.”

Like HONY, HOST looks at life stories of it’s city’s inhabitants, but also tackles issues like discrimination, poverty and in the case of the most recent post, bullying.

“I just graduated high school at D.M a few weeks ago. I really didn’t like high school because of the mean students and the bullies,” the post begins by saying.

In the image a young girl with purplish hair stares back at the camera, with a backpack on her shoulder and a brace on her wrist.

She goes on to talk about a girl a school who was bullying her online and how it caused her to drop out of school for five months.

“This girl posted a video of me having a panic attack on Twitter. I didn’t have anything against this girl because I didn’t even know her. I saw her in the hallways at school and that was basically it. But she posted that video out of nowhere. She always talked about me behind my back saying that she would rip out my septum piercing the next time she saw me and things like that.”

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During her five month absence from school she describes trying to make sense out of why this girl targeted her, especially considering they barely knew each other.

“The thing is this girl is beautiful and she has many friends, however she isn’t so beautiful on the inside. I still see her doing these types of things online, and no one is doing anything to stop her.”

She realized that the bullying really had nothing to do with her at all and she has since moved on.

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“I have left high school behind me, and I am going into Sports Management at Niagara College this September, and I’m happy doing that.”

“It’s sad because she thinks that what she is doing is OK, but really it could ruin someone’s life. There were times when I thought the bullying was never going to end, but after a while I realized that it doesn’t last forever, and things do eventually get better.”

“I’m happy with who I am today because I feel like I’m finally on my own two feet.”

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